Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Thoughts Once Again

This week in the late night hours I've been awakened by the joy-filled styling of a song bird. The little bird has a great repertoire and sings straight through for about 45 minutes. The singing coincides with moonbeams streaming through our bedroom windows as the moon is in perfect relation to beam its reflecting light right onto our bed. I always want to wake up Roy so that he too can revel in God's nature exhibition going on in our home, but he has an early wake up most mornings and I don't think he would appreciate it. He seems to like the stories the next day when I'm describing all the brilliance and the song rejoicing of God. Besides, Roy has never said next time that happens, wake me up.

Last night I booked our May vacation for 2011. Instead of going to the Biltmore, we are going to Rosemary Beach. We got our confirmation this morning from the owner of the cottage. She said May is a great time to be at Rosemary. Roy and I are both excited about the trip. Since my tanning days are long gone, he is really happy that I'll not be requiring an extended amount of tan time each day. As for the Biltmore, we are considering a before Christmas trip. It will all depend on scheduling and my health if we go this year or next.

I finished reading The Swan House and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Immediately I began reading The Dwelling Place which is a sequel to Swan House. The characters from Swan are now adults with adult aged children and there seems to be some issues from the past that are coming to the point of resolving.

The next few weeks holds several Dr appointments. After Tuesday's blood work they have upped my dosage on a new prescription. It is a good thing that food relates to me as fuel right now. There are so many new, even healthy items, that I cannot have much of as long as I'm on these meds. Fluid intake is another thing to monitor. If I drink too much water it makes my heart work too hard. So it is a tip toe kind of thing. One ubiquitous theme seems to be that all medicines now come with a warning of 'may cause dizziness'. Every single one of my 8 plus prescriptions says this. When I get my highlights later this month, I'll ask Stevie if we should go a lot more blonder so that I will fit nicely into the description of dizzy blond.

I was learning some info from a friend in trying to help me decide if I would upgrade sitemeter or not. Leaning towards not. Personally, I'm beginning to use Google Reader much more. I've always used it to read some blogs but mostly I still read the old fashioned way by clicking right onto the blog. A lot of blogs come to my email and I read them there, but it seems stilted. Google Reader speeds up the process but it is like holding a book instead of E-reading. I know I have a lot of readers that read the old Monablog on Blogger, Google and other readers. In the less personal world of online socializing there is something more personal about clicking onto the actual blog each time and checking in with a friend whether I have met them in person or not. Just some thoughts rolling around the brain this morning.

Roy asked me what I would like for my birthday and without thinking I quickly responded an iPad. He has wanted to buy a Kindle for me for the longest time but now I'm thinking that it would be worth the extra money to have something that does more than the Kindle. Anyone want to weigh in on an opinion?

This fall Roy is going to take a photography class on Saturdays. He is beyond excited about this. Since buying a Canon Power SX 20 for his trip to France in the spring, he has blossomed in his mad picture taking skills. Thus he is upgrading to some big honkin' fast camera with multiple lenses soon. Probably before the class. Wait there isn't any probably about that. His pictures bring me great joy. Last Sunday he did a photo thing on his way walking to church. Love them! Need to post some here and onto Facebook.

Once again I'm cleaning out drawers of too big clothes that will make their way to Faith Center or Goodwill. All this weight loss is making me look like a neater more organized person. Key phrase, look like. So far 124 pounds lost. So, the blogging diversion is soon finished and I'll have to address those drawers. Maybe first, I should read a chapter in The Dwelling Place and then work on drawers. Yep! Sounds like a plan.


Grami's girls said...

I luv luv my kindle. Do not know anything about a ipad.

Amanda said...

Curtis reads himself to sleep every night with his iPad. I bet Roy would like it.

marty h said...

On another subject, I bet the Biltmore would be beautiful with all the Christmas decorations up!