Friday, July 16, 2010

Anniversary Sale at The Nord 2010 Edition

Pictured above is the delicious crab stack that I had for lunch at Nordstrom today. It was just the right ingredients to provide energy and strength for the difficult task of shopping the first day of the Anniversary Sale. In past years I have participated in the presale but to tell you the truth, I have no clue what size I will be in the fall, so that wasn't going to do me any good. I really thought I might try to make the 8:00 A.M. opening, but got there a little after 9:00. I still scored my favorite parking place and that in itself was kind of surprising. My first stop in the store, the jewelry department. I got a watch and a pair of earrings. Then I went to the handbags and found a yellow purse on sale. For over a year, I have been on the search for a yellow handbag and found it today, along with a small evening purse that will go with just about any outfit. I don't need one too often but it is nice to have one now. Since it wasn't very busy, I went to the men's department and got Roy 3 shirts. Had to bring something back for him. Got some birthday gifts purchased and it was just about then I realized I was starting to feel a little low blood glucose wise, so I stopped in at The Bistro for an early lunch.

Round 2- Took my bags out to my car and then went back into the store because I hadn't even hit the second floor yet. Tricky trying on clothes but between Mary (works in Narrative) and me, I think we picked out pants, jackets and a couple of tops that will last me well into if not past winter. I don't need a whole lot of dress up clothes since most of my fall and winter days are spent in work out clothes. Left the dressy pants there for alterations, they are letting down the hems.
I think I will have several Nord Notes to add to my collection after today's purchases. You don't use them during a sale when you get double points. I go back and use them while the sale is on but the double point promotion is over.
I was very lonesome today because Lisa P and I usually hit this together. Our favorite booth in the Bistro today had two girlfriends eating lunch, one was black and one was white. Gave me such a gratitude moment to God for that special sight. Texted Lisa P right then to share this happy reminder of us. We'll be there together laughing, talking, shopping and eating soon.

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