Friday, July 30, 2010

Thoughts on the Back Burner

Another morning breakfast at Buffalo Grille. After early morning Dr appointments I go there at least for toasted cinnamon coffee and sometimes a complete breakfast. Most mornings Buffalo Grille is crowded but it was especially crowded this morning. Could it be the right combination of business breakfasts or after work out breakfasts and school's beginning soon so let's all go out to eat? Yes, it seemed so. Most mornings Buffalo Grille looks like a male private school only in dress. Almost every man eating there has on khaki pants and a light blue shirt. I have no reason to go to business school because I have become quite business savvy in the loud overheard discussions among the men who breakfast.

After breakfast I headed out to the Land of Sugar for a much needed haircut and highlights. I ran a few errands out there before my hair appointment. The added surprise of running into a tennis buddy at Whole Foods really made my morning. Kathleen doesn't play much tennis anymore but she was always one of my favorites to play with back in the day. We had a few moments to get caught up and of course we made those never going to happen lunch plans. For many of us the reason we played tennis was just to go out to lunch afterwards. After all the hair stuff I stopped in at Super Target. I cut short the trip because of all the back to school crowd. Also stopped at the Christian bookstore and Academy.

Meanwhile Roy had taken the day off because the replacement foundation of our bed was being delivered today, the dryer repairman was coming, our front door was getting fixed and a light fixture replaced over the sink. The electrician never showed but everything else was taken care of. Since I hadn't had lunch and it was getting into senior citizen dinner time, Roy went and picked up a thin crust veggie pizza and it was absolutely delicious.

When the morning dawned and I was privileged to have a few moments to think, pray and process. I had some deeply spiritual matters that I thought I might bring to the blog today. As the day has moved on, those deeply spiritual matters have taken a back burner in my mind. Maybe for another day or maybe not.

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

A highlight day for me to.....and a trip to Dallas for the next few days so will get my Whole Foods and Central Market FIX