Friday, March 4, 2011

A Delightful Excursion to Sugar Land, Well Except for the Stink Eye Inncident

An excursion to Sugar Land was in order today.  It is hair day when shaping, texturizing and cutting happens.  Of course along with an absolutely fine hair cut at Emmanuel, God with us so you can never have a bad hair day there in the salon, I made my regular stops.  Whole Foods before hair cut and then my first stop afterwards was Super Target.  Found three more of the large plastic modular drawers and a hanging file storage container that Roy asked for.  I was feeling in a particular patient mood, so I dropped in at the Family Christian Bookstore.  I debated on a CD of piano music that is all Chris Tomlin songs and I thought I might be in luck because there wasn't a line.  Well, there was one lady who stood at the counter the whole time I was there waiting on someone to come check her out.  That sealed the deal, checking iTunes for the CD.  Thought it might be great background music.  Made my last stop at Academy.  I am so happy to report I haven't been in an Academy for 6 weeks.  That's a record!  And in that one stop I broke my guidelines I have been living by since two weeks ago, don't buy anything that has to be moved.  The discounted rack held some too good to pass on bargains.  Since I am being honest, I broke the guideline in Target too.  Picked up a hot water deal for Roy and his hot tea.  Well, I started the day breaking the no new hair product guideline, but a Bumble and Bumble product was calling out to me.  At least at no time today did I buy any hand lotion.  I have enough around here to use till the Lord returns. 

Ooooh, I got the stink eye from a lady in the parking lot at Whole Foods this morning.  Peggy and I were discussing the merits of baseboard color on the phone.  You know that was a first time conversation for us.  She was even going to Hobby Lobby today.  I can almost top that, a Jo Ann's Craft and Fabric store, which I would usually refer as a material store, is opening next to the Academy and I was all fixed to go in and peruse the fabrics but it doesn't open until March 11.  Guess I can catch it when I return in April to have highlights.  Oh yea, I was writing about the stink eye.  I pulled into a parking place not even noticing the lady parked beside me.  Guess Sequisha was a little closer to her door than she like and she stood there starring at me.  Wasn't a thing I could do, there was a tree right in front of me, so I couldn't pull through.  I wanted to roll down my window and tell her she could make that whole getting out of a tight spot a game.  I like to call it playing astronaut.  As a kid I remember when the astronauts returned from space, their capsule landed in the ocean.  There was a tiny, little hatch they pulled themselves out of when rescuers were near and so getting out of a car in a tight spot mimics that exercise.  Once I got into Whole Foods, I thought she might corner me, but she was no wear to be found.  In fact, after Peggy and I got off the phone I moved to another space so that she wouldn't be tempted to key Sequisha. 

After spending a wonderful time in the land of sugar, well excepting the stink eye episode, I stopped back in at Pottery Barn to look at a quilt I like and take a picture of it to show to Dani.  Since Restoration Hardware is close by, stopped in and picked up some paint sample cards.  Just in case anything matches what we plan to do in the new home.  Now I am just waiting on Roy to get home and we'll go to a late lunch. 

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