Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Such a Cutie!

How hard was it to say goodbye to this little cutie?  Beth's granddaughter is a world of fun!  If course I got to visit with Mardie, Beth's daughter but when I took this picture Mardie was helping Poppaw with a new email account.  It was a fun couple of hours.  Beth is leaving this afternoon to go back to Seattle.  Her visit has been such a great surprise and I hope she pops into Houston more often.  While I was over that way, I stopped at Belden's.  It is kind of a forerunner to Rice Epcicurean.  As a child, Belden's was on the corner of Post Oak and West Belfort but it is now located at Chimney Rock and North Braeswood.  It was a fun stroll through the store because it has all the kosher things out for Passover.  Lots and lots of things.  I got Roy some flavored tea bags of Kosher tea.  Belden's has the best gingerbread men, although I'm not sure if they are Kosher or not, but I bought a few for Roy and I to share.  If you are ever over that way it is so worth the stop. 

On my way home I stopped at The Nord to return a watch I bought last year and have never worn.  Last year I was totally convinced that I needed a gold watch.  Daily life bears out that apparently I didn't need a gold watch.  Of course I had to look around a little and found a couple of things...on sale but yet again I have broken my rule of buying new things.

On my way to Beth's, I stopped at Goodwill and made another deposit of books and knick knacks.  They are beginning to recognized Sequisha at Goodwill.  I told Roy last night we have cleaned out so much and yet I feel like there is still so much to do.  He disagreed but he is never quite ready for the huge big deal that moving is and all that is involved for it to be a smooth process.  We moved a lot when we were first married but we hardly had anything to move, so it was easy.  This move is ginormous the amount of paper, books and junk that needs to be gone through. 

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