Friday, March 11, 2011

Dinner is Served

Ah, spring.  Fall is my favorite but spring is pretty close as second favorite.  Face it, summer too hot, winter, all three days of it, is too cold.  So along with thinking about pollen and the fact that poor Sequisha is wearing a fine dusting of yellow powder, spring makes one think on love.  If love is in the air, it is being crowded out by oak pollen but love is more sustaining and sticks around longer.  Although love can make one crazy as much as those pesky allergies.   A memory I had forgotten has come back to mind these past few days.  I'm thinking back to the dating days of Roy and Nancy.  We began dating in September and we were engaged in January.  The time I'm thinking about happened in the fall before we were engaged.  Like I said, we had been dating and we both felt like it was getting serious but we hadn't really talked about it much.  We just kept going out and spending a lot of time together.  On the Friday night that I'm thinking about, Roy came and picked me up and said he was taking me somewhere special for dinner.  It was a new place, a trendy place that just happened to be in an old warehouse in Bellaire.  The name of the place, Arno's.  Oh, it was such a special evening and it was there were we began our serious discussion of our feelings for one another and what might the future look like with each other.  The owner seemed to sense that our dinner was a special one.  And in our emotion and joy-filled dinner we came to realize when the bill came, it was a whole lot of money.  The dinner came to $20.00.  Roy had that amount but not much more...don't think together we even had enough to scrap together tip money.   After we had given up all the money we had on us, the owner came back with a special dessert for us to share.  We protested, we didn't order dessert, we didn't have the money for dessert. I think he gave us back the piddling tip we had left and told us our joy had made him very happy and he hoped we would continue on sharing joy with one another.  Oh, I love stories like that.  I love when others want to share and bless.  The kindness of that man hasn't ever been lost on me.  Oh and Roy are coming onto nearly 34 years of being married.  Mostly joy-filled years but I was a pistol and more moody back then than I am now...probably not a lot of joy for Roy then but thankful he rubbed off on me. 

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