Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Bullet Points

Monday night and I'm pooped!  Here are just some random things from the weekend and today.
  • Friday, Roy and I went back out to Katy to sign new contract.
  • Saturday, Roy had a field trip out to some of the islands around Galveston with his photography class.  I was supposed to go with him but had to back out because I just wasn't up to an all day into the evening trip...and there wouldn't be any shopping involved to keep me amused.
  • I ended up working around home and made a major dent in getting some bookcases cleaned out and made a HUGE dent in the kitchen.
  • Sunday was church and I contemplated a few minutes in the early morning about playing sabbatical but finally I woke up and some energy returned.  I thought I'd sleep like a baby Saturday night since I never stopped or even took a nap.  Yea, I slept like a cranky baby, awake almost the whole night.
  • This morning it was out the door early to drop off more stuff at Goodwill.  Then I went to Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and The Container Store.  I had $200 in PB gift cards, so I bought the duvet cover, shams and decorative pillows for the guest bedroom.  Hope Dani thinks I made a wise choice.  I really had another design in mind but fell in love with what I saw in the store.  Also had a $50 gift card to C&B and I used that on a 4 slice toaster.  Container Store had some things on sale that would help us with a little more organization.  The goal is to be able to let Roy have the chest of drawers for his clothes and fit mine in the dresser.  It is do-able only because we bought storage drawers that can keep some t-shirts and things neatly in the closet.  Just as I was checking out, Roy called to let me know he was at the mortgage office and I needed to get there and sign some papers with a notary.  That didn't take long and because Roy was going to the 2727 building for meetings, we were able to have lunch together.  We did it up in style, we ate at the Pizza Inn.  Bet I haven't been there in 2 years.  CourtneyS, I thought of you and our fun lunches there from back in the day.  After lunch, headed back over to the Galleria area to go to the Rack.  Needed to get a set of sheets for the guest room.  When I got home I took a nap.  Tiredness hit like a ton of bricks.  In fact I felt as if I had been drugged.  After napping, got back to work and organized some drawers with the stuff from the CS.  Now it is time to wind down.  Roy will be getting home from BSF in a little bit. 
  • Strangest thing from my visit to the Cardiologist,  He recommended that I go back to playing tennis.  He asked why I quit and I responded politics.  He was a bit puzzled.  I said have you ever tried to play on a team, with women, organize them and the team is made up of individuals who believe they are the greatest gift to tennis?  Tennis is not a team sport!  No matter, he suggested I get back out there and hit some tennis balls. 
  • I had some other stuff I had planned to write about this evening, but I'm calling it a day and Lord willing can write about that tomorrow. 


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Hoping everything is working out with the house...I know you have been stressed.......I still am hoping we can meet sometime...

courtney said...

I loved our lunches at Pizza Inn!