Tuesday, April 3, 2012

And With That...Change

It has turned into a much sunnier day than I thought it would be.  Earlier this morning I got out to pick up a few more plants from Enchanted Garden and it rained the entire trip.  Once I reached EG, the rain stopped.  After purchasing a few plants I went across the street and bought gas since it was cheaper there than over here in the Rancho de Five area.  Got in the car and it began to rain again.

Abel and his crew were here yesterday putting out fresh mulch.  I replanted a few of the courtyard plants because the huge wind gusts yesterday morning threw several of the  plants hither and yon.  Oh yes, while I was at EG I bought a fold out identifier of snakes.  It is laminated and it looks like one of those Bible map guides or the differences between religions fold outs that you can buy at the Baptist Bookstore, I mean Lifeway.  I need to take some time with this, memorize colors and looks of different snakes.  The lady at EG said it would be the best $7.95 I would ever spend.  No the $4.99 I spent was on wasp spray that shoots out 27 feet.  It the best money I ever spent...well of recent date anyway. 

I've really spent quite a bit of time around home.  With all the stress of last week, my heart is trying its darnedest to go out of rhythm.  I've had the tell tale symptoms of poor circulation, being light headed and well of course you'll want to know this, retaining fluid, especially around my ankles.  This morning I debated with myself whether I should go to the ER.  My pulse was consistently between 120-130 but finally it eased back into my normal numbers.  Bed rest with elevated feet has been ordered and lowering stress.  That one is not easy when you have a family member who if they had to generate electricity by the amount of stress they created...let's just say no one would be without lights.   I have felt so good and had much more energy of late, so I am not liking this set back very much.  Yet I press on and praise on and pray on these things. 

So watching the birds in our backyard has become quite interesting.  Single dove mom is still hanging out with us.  Several mockingbirds have joined her.  Seems like the mockingbirds are making a nest in one of the trees on the green space located next to us.  Mockingbirds are kind of mean to people and other birds.  They'll dive at your head if one gets too near to their nest.  They have also been picking on single dove mom.  I'm not too happy about that.  These birds fight over the seed that has been dropped or spilled on the ground when I refill the bird feeder.  But I am also kind of Boazing it for the dove, leaving bird seed for her to glean.   Yet if they would figure out what the sparrows and a few other birds have figured out, the supply of seed is abundant at the feeder.  I'm learning a lot watching the bird happenings.  Sometimes I hear in my spirit when I get kind of ticked with the circumstances of the birds, that I make the same kind of mistakes in life...only it's not about seed or small sticks for a nest.  The birds also have a prowler, a neighbors cat.  They seems to be more careful when they eat. 

Last week I had been asked if I would consider being a core group leader next semester at Community Bible Study.  I asked when they needed a decision and began to prayerfully consider this request.  I also asked a close friend to pray about it with me.  On Thursday as we discussed Revelation 20 and heard the answers of fellow Revelation studiers, I told the Lord, these are the people who should be considered.  They have such intelligent answers...much more scribblings on their homework pages when compared to my one or two word answers.  Again, same still small voice that speaks to my spirit when I get angry over bird behavior, that I cannot do this in my own strength and must depend upon the Lord.  During the week the only cons that came to mind were cons that would be turned to good; I usually run late and rush through homework just as it has been my life long practice.  So yesterday I called Jennifer and told her yes, after explaining the process.  I didn't want her to think it was something that I had taken lightly.  I wanted her to know that I am not depending on my personality to lead because God can use anyone or anything, but if I only relied on personality and humor, I'd miss out on blessings that God has for me.  This will take up a little more time with a new approach to homework and meeting with other leaders each week and going through the homework together.  It has been such a long time since I've been asked to do anything like this.  I knew opportunities to serve in a capacity similar to this would never be offered to me at church and I had resigned myself to that fact.  Funny, I had forgotten that when doors and windows have been shut, God can make a whole new place with open doors and windows.

Roy said he would help me tonight.  Seems that when I changed out summer clothes for winter clothes. or should that be slightly cooler weather clothes, I can't quite remember where I put them.  The temps are such that capris and shorts are in order.  Of course with summer clothes and the first pedicure of the spring season last week, I broke my winter nazerite vow. 

OK, I am off to study about snakes in the garden.  I can't do that too close to bed time or I dream about snakes.  There have been too many times where the strike of a snake in a dream is in reality the movement and nails of Buddy.  With all the screaming and flailing on my part and the meowing and attack mode of Buddy, Roy has his hands full, in the middle of the night, which is not his best time to think clearly. 

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courtney said...

I adore the wasp spray that shoots 27 feet away from the can. You need a bird book in addition to your snake pamphlet, I think!