Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stop and Smell the Roses

No guns but the roses are doing really well. 

Greetings!  What a beautiful day!  It even started better than yesterday.  I've been out and about most of the day and at some point I need to finish the rest of my homework, empty the dishwasher and fix dinner.  Yes, I just wrote that...fix dinner. 

Today I went to the Fulshear post office for the very first time.  A requisite to work at the post office has to be the ability to be cranky at any given time. small town charm just post office attitude.  The line was short so that did have an advantage to Houston and now I know where I can go to get the address changed on my passport, by appointment only.  Then I did a quick drive by to Enchanted Gardens to get more zinnias.  Dropped those off at home and ran to the grocery store.  Came home, ate lunch and then went to Target and Home Goods.  I love those two stores!   My arch nemesis the mini van, parked next to me at Target.  Let's just say that it pulled in way too close to me and on a diagonal.  Does she think she is driving a SUV?  I was going to stay there and see how she got into her door but being amused like that takes energy and I'd rather spend my energy and time at Home Goods.  When I came out of Home Goods a clown car was parked next to me.  Clowns scare me.. and to see all those clown faces nearly sent me over the edge.  Must be a car for clowns that entertain or scare at children's parties. 

I totally forgot to mention that on Sunday we stopped in at Academy and bought a croquet set and horse shoes.  Yes, there will be lively yard games when we have people over for dinner.  We have got to do that.  Seems like we have something to do every weekend and it prohibits us from planning a cook out. 

Well, rest time is over.  I need to go and unload the car.  Hopefully I have bought the last flower pot for a while. 

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marty h said...

What no shuffle board? I guess it is against HOA rules to paint on your driveway! The roses are beautiful.