Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Throw up, PB, Fun Lunch, HOA Harrasment and Roses Make for a Beautiful Tuesday

For a day that began by cleaning up cat vomit, it hasn't been too bad.  Thankfully Buddy is selective about place when it come to regurgitation.  And thankfully, this is not a weekly or daily habit.  Heck, not even monthly, but you know when you're half awake and step into warm slime, you become wide awake quickly.  Hello Tuesday!

Gee, I hate to go right into lunch but the rest of my morning was boring.  Well, I did make a stop at the bank.  Anyway, I met Laurie M for lunch today.  We had a blast!  It has been a while since we have caught up on each other's lives.  Since I was a little early I stopped in at the cult I belong to, you know Pottery Barn.  Really my preferred way to checking in with the decorating cult is via catalog or website.  An in person visit is iffy at best.  I can never determine why sometimes my presence is acknowledged or why I am totally ignored.  Today was an ignore day and hey I was kind of cleaned up so it wasn't the fake I just got off the tennis court look.  On Saturday they had an email special for all us previously ordered from part of the cult to get free shipping.  There have been a couple of things I've had my eye on and they were only available by catalog or Internet, so I ordered them.  If this shelving and decor gets hung up by Christmas, I will be surprised.  Back to lunch, anyway after a fun and delicious lunch I went over to Barnes and Noble.  The nice techie young man helped me with my Nook.  My library shelves are full of sample books and I wanted them gone.  Easy peasy, just hold your finger on the book for a minute and a menu pops up with options and delete is one of them. 

It has been several days since picking up the mail.  Let's just say that the day went back to the level of cleaning up cat vomit.  The HOA denied our fence stain which is really a sealant and we need to pressure wash the fence or replace pickets.  I called Roy with the news and he promptly called the HOA.  We had heard the HOA has terrorist characteristics and they lived up to that characterization and beyond..  Roy is so easy going you know the HOA must have the markings of the gestapo when Roy wants to yell and get angry with them.  He is looking forward to writing a terse letter.  He's good at that.  Included in the mail was a notice from our mortgage company that our escrow account needs to be higher because our property taxes went up.  No surprise there, we had already seen our property tax evaluation.  At least there were some fun magazines in the mail today so it wasn't a complete aggravation, including a new catalog from the cult.

We had a nice amount of rain yesterday.  After dinner Roy and I worked in the backyard for a little bit.  We put more soil in the flower bed, dead headed some plants, put in new border plants and slapped at a few mosquitoes, which are supposed to be dead because our yard was sprayed for them last week.  Roy began pulling weeds in the yard and I joined in for a little bit.  One weed was so big and tough it left a crevasse which we filled with garden soil.  Thankfully, most of the weeds were not that rooted.  So we have this rather noticeable hole in the backyard.  This morning when I looked out the window it was so noticeable.  I had this rather spiritual, metaphorical thought which is a rather obvious observation, you know with sin getting rooted into one's life and the removal there of, but I will not use today's post to pontificate about the obvious and act like I am the first person to receive this insight about weeds and sin and gardening.   I pulled the little not deep weeds last night.  This may or may not be a reflection of my attitude toward repentance and ridding my life of sin.

I need to go check on the birds.  We have several mockingbirds and two new dove couples.  Single mom dove is my main concern and she was resting under the tree when I glanced out there earlier.  Bunny Foo Foo is a hit and miss visitor and thankfully the message of wasp spray got out to the snake community because we haven't seen one since.  The roses I planted when my mom went into the hospital and when she passed away last year have come to brilliant life.  Blooms are packed onto those plants.  She'd be proud of my attempts of having a mild green thumb. 

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