Friday, April 20, 2012

A Short Friday Briefing

The skies are clouding up.  We are supposed to get a fast moving thunderstorm later this afternoon so I decided I best get my zinnias in and repot some geraniums.Now I am tackeling the massive amount of laundry that has seemed to  multiply during the past week. 

The Revelation study is slowly coming to an end.  Last night on our way home from bunko I attempted to catch Peggy up with everything she's been missing while on a long term sub assignment.  We are finally at the good stuff, new heaven, new earth, new Jerusalem...  It is beyond what our human brains can fathom.  Next year we are studying I John, Hebrews and Phillipians.  I have truly enjoyed the study and our core group bonded rather quickly at the beginning of our study and our discussions are lively, deep and sometimes just pure funny. 

Came home with $2.00 from bunko.  Lots of fun and delicious dinner of sliders, cole slaw that had cilantro and onions in it, it was delicious, and cupcakes for dessert.  I neither rolled a bunko or oneses so it was a break even kind of night. 

Roy is off to the land of sugar this afternoon for a haircut and checking out a new phone for me.  The concection point with the charger isn't working properly.  Sometimes my phone charges and other times it doesn't. 

I'm thankful to have had a reflectful week.  Everything that has been happening of late has simmered down.  I don't anticipate things to stay this way but enjoying the moment.  God's peace has kept me in good company. 

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