Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trying Not to Go Old Lady

Man, I went old lady this morning in CVS.  Guess that's what happens when you are uh hum...relatively young taking an old person's medicine.  Poor pharmacy tech, as I proclaimed the wonders of this medicine in contrast to what I used to take.  Boom, I got the look from her and I muttered to myself as I walked away...great, I just turned into my grandma for a nano second.  Ugh! 

I had to run to Target to get a couple of things and the clerk found the new SMASH journal system very interesting.  I was careful to keep my comments short and worth listening to.  Came up a slight bit on the cool factor.  Then I made a stop at HEB and the checker asked me about some ice tea and Skinny Cow Strawberry ice cream sandwiches I had bought.  Ah, I redeemed myself from the earlier faux paux. 

The new Chicky opens tomorrow which means there are people camping out in the parking lot waiting to be the first 100 in line.  It was rather interesting seeing how people were entertaining themselves while waiting.  There were children everywhere, so I am thinking the home schooled are rocking the line.

Last month I discovered Fit Flops and I love, love, love them!  So comfortable and great arch support.  I found my first pair at Nordstrom but I found a pair at the Nord Rack in the land of sugar on Monday. 

Yesterday morning I met Laurie at the BWC for breakfast.  As always delicious and as always so much fun with Laurie.  We spent the greater part of the morning just hanging out in Katy and looking at all the sights. 

I'm reading a great book, Lost Saints in Tennessee.  Trying to find time everyday just to sit down and relax and read.  Seems like I have so many projects around here to take care of and since my energy level is not optimum, everything seems to be taking a little more time than it used to.  One thing I did on Monday was to hang some of the wall decor I had ordered from the cult...Pottery Barn.  When I was showing Laurie around the house I really realized how much I bought from the cult last year.  Thankfully, we tried to use a lot of Am Ex reward points for most of our purchases but still PB had a fine year from us as we furnished our home. 

Last night I sat out back reading as the day came to an end.  All the loud music and singing by the sheet rockers in the house being built behind us finally fizzled into a dull roar.  It was just me, the doves and the fragrance of moth balls.  Roy put out more after the rain this weekend.  I am not complaining, haven't seen any snakes. 

Guess I had better get back to finishing up the rocking chair.  Although I try to paint in a well ventilated area, the fumes still get to me and I wouldn't be surprised that a little nap might get worked in later this afternoon. 

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