Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April Flowers

I love sitting here in the study in the early mornings and watching the sun rays spotlight the flowers out in the courtyard.  Since this is my first major foray into gardening, I went with plants I know I can grow and not kill too quickly.  Lowe's has had some great deals in the plants clearance section with many geraniums marked down to a dollar, makes me want to holler honey boo boo child.  You'll only know what I'm talking about if you are a fan of Toddlers and Tiaras. 

It seems fitting with the Easter weekend and all, that we would garden.  Mary mistook Jesus for the gardener at the tomb.  No one mistakenly mistook either of us as real gardeners this weekend and hopefully these flower beds won't become the flowers tomb. 

Since we have such a small backyard and due to all the cable running below our yard, we decided to use a raised flower bed for the corner of the yard.  So I planted wallflowers, zinas, and a bunch of other plants that I don't remember their names much less know how to spell them.  So Roy put together the flower beds and then he hauled dirt and spread the dirt which is much different than dishing dirt.  I placed the flowers where I wanted them and then he did the majority of the planting.  I was good for about an arm's length distance.  So far they are hanging in there.  It is an enjoyable moment looking out the windows or sitting on the back porch and marveling at all the colors in God's creation. 

Something we noticed while Roy was doing my gardening, that mosquitoes were in abundant supply.  So the bug guy is coming today to spray for mosquitoes and do another application to keep ants at bay. 

Friday, we went out to Brookwood to take advantage of their plant sale.  On the way back Roy took some wonderful pictures.  The two pictures on the blog are from my phone and they were taken around Hunt Retreat, which I will now refer to as "At the Retreat" location.   In all seriousness, I hope the leaders at church have the foresight to see that it won't be too much longer and subdivisions will be surrounding At The Retreat location.  

The finished product awaiting more dirt and then flowers.
 Roy with our gardening wagon.  It has come in very handy.
Now to be able to keep these babies alive.  Actually so far this spring I have only killed two plants, not make that four.  They all succumbed to too much rain water and inadequate drainage.  I have since remedied that problem. 

Roy not only tended plants but he worked on our taxes.  Looks like we are filing an extension. 

Yesterday, I began the changing of the seasons clothes wise.  So I packed away winter clothes that I really didn't even get to wear and went through the summer things I had put away.  Thankfully most everything still fits.  Hopefully I can complete the transition today. 

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