Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Passing of a Phone

It  was a sad thing really, my phone has been steadily dying this week.  Wouldn't hold a charge, received data failure notifications and had started freezing up.  It wasn't too long for this world.  While Roy was in the land of sugar yesterday he stopped in the phone store and began inquiring about iPhones.  I was hoping that the phone would hold out a little longer with the thought in mind that I would really need a reliable, working phone for sure in a couple of weeks.  When I looked at the phone this morning, we knew it was time.  So after Roy and I met Keely and Peggy for breakfast, after our quick trip to Lowe's and to Bed Bath and Beyond we came home and Roy made the quick turn around to go make the purchase.  I stayed around home in case he needed to call and ask me any questions.  Really, where was I going to go without a phone? 

While Roy was doing that I wish I could say I was very productive around the house but alas, I wasn't.  I sat out on the back porch and just took it all in.  The weather was perfect, the birds were singing...well minus one very fine dove who met his maker in the early morning before dawn.  He flew into our fence and broke his neck.  I saw him this morning laying or lying near the huge crevasse from the uprooted weed.  Oh and speaking of fences, we fought the HOA and the HOA won.  We have until May 3rd to remove the stain off our fence.  If we send them something in writing that we are in the process of rectifying the fence issue we can ask for an extension of time.  Maybe the dove was so upset that our fence will soon turn that ugly color of gray, that he just couldn't take it.  So Roy went out to pick up the dead bird with the same small shovel and hoe that he killed the snake with but instead of throwing the bird over the fence for the hawks, he triple wrapped it in garbage bags and disposed of him neatly in the garbage can. 

Roy got home and had to do a bit of paperwork while I fiddled with the new phone.  It really isn't too much fun learning a new phone but the bright side is, it keeps my brain young with the challenge.  Well, hopefully. 

Once he had made a dent in his work, we stopped for the late lunch/early dinner break.  We were both craving Mexican food and El Rancho in the Meadows de seven was running a Saturday special, fajitas for two, $19.00.  We even brought a to go box home!  That's a miracle because Roy hardly ever lets chicken to goes come near our door if they have set in the car for even just a tiny bit.  Before returning home, we went over to Home Depot and bought another motion chair for the back porch.  Roy had that chair put together in no time at all.  Second time is a charm. 

I should wrap this up.  Morning will come quickly and it's a church morning to boot.

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

thank you so much for your note....Start thinking of where we can go eat....