Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lake, Lunch and Fun...

CBS Core Group 2012-2013
At the end of our Bible study in May we made plans for our core group and kiddos to have a lake, lunch, milkshake and fun day at Peggy's.  Yesterday was the day and we had a blast.  Although I don't think the children enjoyed themselves said no one.  Not everyone in our group could come but Peggy said we will get another get together on the calendar.  It was nice that we had some pop ins and drop ins that couldn't stay but came and enjoyed the fun.  We were so excited to see one another.  Facebook really helps keep everyone current because you know who has traveled, those who have exciting announcements and the rest of us who have enjoyed the beginning of summer on the prairie.  OK, I know I went to Asheville but technically that was in May.  We grilled hot dogs and everyone brought snacks and drinks to share.  I knew we would have a banquet because all our brunch days at Bible study, we needed two tables to put out brunch.  None of these kids knew each other, well except for siblings, and it wasn't any time at all they were helping, fishing, raft riding, beach playing, lunch eating and swinging off the rope together as if they had known each other for a long time.  Many of us commented how the kids bonded so quickly and we lamented the fact that as we get older we loose that child-like ability.  This morning as I thought about the day at Peggy's it dawned on me that we shouldn't have marveled at this phenomenon of bonding by the kids because from the first day we met in Bible study, our core group bonded and connected at that very moment.  In our leadership meetings on Tuesday, we would go over the stages of growth in a group during the year.  They likened it to the stages of growing up.  I didn't really pay attention when we discussed this topic.  Our group was made up of moms with young children, older children, grown children and grandchildren...and me, no children.  We prayed for one another, rejoiced with one another and wept with one another.  We also laughed and had great discussions of what we were studying.  I must add we always followed all the guidelines of CBS.  Wow, did I just hear thunder?  I didn't think it was supposed to rain today out here on the prairie.   OK, so maybe we didn't always adhere and follow the guidelines, but we were pretty close to that goal.  Wow, was that thunder again?  

The moms getting ready for a ride
 A view of the dock, beach and water.
 Getting ready for the ride

 Peggy and Kathleen were the best soda jerks ever...

Nothing like ending the day with a homemade milkshake from Peggy's soda fountain.  You can tell in these pictures that the children were not having a good time.  I think several moms and kids asked if they could be adopted into Peggy's family. 

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