Saturday, June 22, 2013

So It Is Saturday....

It's 11:00 am and both of us have accomplished a lot.  Roy went to Bible study and I did a semi easing into the day thing.  I was out the door by 9:00 to exchange some shorts at Academy.  Then I stopped at the produce stand and got zipper cream peas, blueberries, grape tomatoes and peaches.  Yum!  I am not a fan of summer but I do like it because of all the produce choices that are available.  I headed over to old Katy and picked up the newly framed print I brought home from the Biltmore.  Wow, they did a fabulous job and it turned out really well.  Meanwhile Roy was home while the morning was still cool, which is a relative term here, to work on the fortifications around the bottom of the fence.  No longer will I have to hide from the yard guys because Roy leveled everything so the extra bulky stones are not needed for bracing but I am sure we will find a use for them.  He was just finishing that project when I got home and I used the opportunity of his presence in the backyard to water plants, plants that don't know they nearly were cleared out in my campaign of answers to rid the yard of the unwanted.

Last night Roy and I took our inaugural drive on the newly opened and completed street that will take us, without a dozen twists and turns to Westheimer Parkway.  Of course our joy is not Peggy's joy because this street now runs behind her home.  For years it was a horse farm behind them and then a distant yet close subdivision and now the road.  The good thing is that it should take a lot of traffic off the road that runs in front of their subdivision.  So after Roy and I took our check it out drive and a drive by to see the progress on Dena's house, we went to Sonic.  A strawberry Sunday sounded so refreshing. 

This is fun lunch week.  Yesterday I had lunch with Cassi.  Ours friendship is a great story.  She sat next to me one night at Beth's Bible study because she had came with a guest of Lisa P.  We got to talking and she was looking for part time work.  I asked her to send me a resume and I kind of offered her a job that hadn't even been created yet.   As they say, the rest is history.  She has gone on to bigger and brighter things than that little part time job, which only last a few weeks because she was offered a full time job with another area in the ED suite.  Now, she is the Children's Pastor at Bayou City Fellowship.  That's our framework history and in between all the changes here and there we celebrate a wonderful friendship.  So we nearly shut down the lunch crowd at Las Alameda's.  We had a blast catching up and there is almost always great spiritual conversations as we both desire to do God's will.  Today I am meeting Marcia and Dana for lunch and really look forward to seeing them.  Roy and I have been so hit and miss this summer getting to the church house. 

Another nearly shut down the late lunch crowd with Marcia and Dana.  Great friends and great conversation.  Roy and I went to Kroger's.  I still think our grocery basket looks like we are in college.  Peperoni's pizza for dinner and I'm looking forward to getting back into a book. 

Last night we watered the flowers out front and I need to water another flowerbed in the back.  Have to see if Roy will give up his movie to go outside with me.  Yes, even after a full week without an unwanted, I'm still not crazy about going in the backyard by myself. 

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