Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Day in the Country

Wednesday I traveled up the road a piece to Brenham.  Now this is where I love living out west.  The drive is entertaining and I saw several things I would like Roy to come back and take pictures of.  A ride in the country, does the soul good and so does the town square in Bellville because there are some shops that I need to visit.  My goal for the next trip is to make it straight to Mimi's without any mistakes.  This summer Beth and I traversed this way with a couple of wrong turns because Siri isn't really very clear in her directions.  This time I did not miss the turn but foolishly thought there was a feeder road but you have to get back on 290 to make her exit.  Mimi and I had a wonderful day.  We were celebrating her birthday.  We ate lunch at the Funky Art Café and the food is delicious and eclectic.  That's a great combo.  The plus is how cleverly creative the décor and atmosphere is.  After a little discussion, we opted for birthday dessert elsewhere.  So that meant it was time for a little shopping.  Found some items that really needed to come home with me.  We set out to find the Garden Market Café and Bakery.  My friend Cassi had told me about it and we were so glad we stopped.  We had a warm cinnamon roll for dessert.  Ah, yes and it was goooooood!  

The tree in these pictures is over 350 years old.  There for a quick moment my love of climbing trees from my childhood nearly overtook me.  Really, look at the easy access!  But, I didn't want to get stuck in a tree and the fire department have to come and rescue me. 

Very fun day with a very fun friend. 

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