Saturday, October 5, 2013

Quiet Saturday Thoughts

It is a quiet morning out here on the prairie.  We are waiting for those cooler temps to arrive.  It has been fall for over a month in the house and it would be so appreciated by many for it to look like fall outside.  Roy was up early going to Bible study and then taking Sequisha in for a little check up.  Not only does Sequisha have a boo boo on her bumper, her battery was running low.  Ugh!  You kind of know how long a battery will last and she was coming up to that time.  I noticed the other day she didn't start up like normal.  When Roy looked at her Thursday night, the engine would not turn over but he assured me on Friday when he got home, the engine would start.  And it did.  He drove over to Christian Brothers Auto and they changed out the battery.  This morning he wants Toyota to check out the electrical system to make sure it was only the battery and not the alternator.  And Roy just called and Sequisha is in good shape. 

Since I wasn't able to get to Target Thursday afternoon, I tagged along with Dena Thursday night.  Of course one needs fortification for Target shopping so we started off with some Mexican food.  Then we split up to do our shopping and we both were finished at the same time.  I picked up some pictures I had printed off my iPhone using the app Kick Send.  The quality is good.  We rarely have pictures made anymore but I needed some for our family prayer guide for Community Bible Study.  We use the pictures, label them and then add on the back what we need prayer for.  We will trade them like baseball cards in leadership.  I think that is a pretty neat idea.  Don't be surprised if Buddy shows up in the pictures.  I am going to work on that today so it will be ready for Tuesday's meeting.  Got my fancy scrapbook paper and tape ready to doll this thing up. 

Looking back on last week, I think we have found the right amount of time to stay at the Biltmore.  There are so many little towns and sights around the Asheville area that we haven't even began to explore.  On Saturday, we left a little before 8:00 am hoping to get close to I 10 and  spending the night.  We did something we have never done before, drove straight through.  Getting back that hour in Alabama helps.  We got home at 11:45 pm.  It was hard to drive those last hundred miles but it was worth it to sleep in our own bed.  I am so glad we traveled last week and not this week.  Battery and now tropical storm Karen.  The rain would be worse than what we went through.

On Sunday we started unpacking but also getting things ready for Mary Madeline's stay with us.  I had done a lot of it before we left.  Roy and I grabbed some much needed Tex Mex for lunch and he ran to the grocery store afterwards while I continued doing laundry. 

Mary Madeline got here around 5:00.  She was a sight for sore eyes.  We have been friends for forty years and she has had a tremendous influence on my life.  I think everyone who knows Mary Madeline would say that.  Later in the evening Dena came over so that they could meet one another.  I love when friends meet friends.  It's so fun!  They both have a heart for studying the Bible chronologically so I have wanted them to meet for several years. We had a great evening of laughs and conversation that sometimes Roy felt brave enough to join in but would retreat to his study when he had enough girl talk.  Mary Madeline and I stayed up late and talked and our conversation picked up right where it left off on Monday morning.  We eased into the day.  Later in the afternoon I took her to the airport so she could return home to her family who missed her mightily. 

Driving home from the airport the joy of having life long friends just about took me over.  The joy of having long time friends nearly overwhelmed me and by overwhelmed, I mean it in the good way.  I am so thankful for the good friends that the Lord has knitted my heart with and I love how fun and easy it is to make friends in Community Bible Study.  You really never know where and when you'll find a friend. 

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