Monday, October 14, 2013

All Over The Place Monday

This has been a rather quiet, relaxing day with the exception of the Nationwide Insurance man who came by to look at Sequisha's bumper boo boo.   That whole run in has not been one of the most pleasant experiences that is for sure.  Once again, even though this man has read the police report and the couple have claimed responsibility, he asked me yet, exactly what happened?  Nothing they have told me on their part has been true so far but several have told me that they make it as difficult as possible hoping you will give up but they don't know Roy and how the tedious energizes and challenges him. 

I have started reading another book this week and I don't know why but the story is making me think about an instance that happened in the long ago and far away.  It was right after college, I was working at Pennzoil and volunteering at the church I attended at that time.  A woman who worked at the church asked me if I would like to have a "ministry" opportunity to help a particular woman who attended our church.  These were the fledgling days of the term, women's ministry.  In my naivety and willingness to be used for God's purposes, I said yes.  The woman and her husband lived in one of the newest and trendiest apartments back then and now going on thirty five years or so have become an apartment that is just another dump in the hood.   I arrived at her door prayed up and ready to go, but nothing prepared me for the oppressive spirit in that apartment and for the deep hurt and sadness that hung in the air because a husband's presence in another room forbid it to be spoken.  So long ago, I don't even remember her name, I remember praying with her and that prayer brought down the ire and hatred from that other room straight into the kitchen table where she and I sat.  It reminded me too much of words from my childhood,  anger and resentment spewing out in contemptuous actions and I was ever so relieved to escape but ever so sorrowful that the woman had to remain.  She had married a man she thought was a Christian but he revealed to her a couple of months after they had married, he had faked the whole Christian thing just to get her, conquer her and take away from her.  That whole thing cured me of any desire for ministry in an official capacity.  Later in early married years, I had the opportunity to do women's ministry but I turned down the majority of those invitations, knowing that this was not a capacity or gift I had.  When I worked part time at First for the Women's Director, I didn't even feel like it was women's ministry in an official capacity except that I made coffee, reserved rooms, made sure there was ice water, and did menial tasks that carried no weight or eternal consequences.  I was just making sure that our Director would be pleased and that complaints from the women in Bible study would be minimal due to anything I had a hand in.   I have not thought about that lady in a long time and it does astound me how instantly a story in a book of fiction can take you back to a harsh reality of long ago and the resolution of a young woman in that long ago reality not to be in that position again...officially and if I could help it, non professionally.  And I wonder if that woman was able to ever be free from that horrible, prison like existence? 

I'm excited!  Just got an email from one of my tennis friends who will be playing out here in Rancho De Five next Monday for league.  After her match, we are going out to lunch.  Cris was my first tennis partner. 

We did make it out into the rain yesterday morning and went to a neighborhood church.  I loved the service but it's not a viable choice for us but we would go back in a minute for those times we over sleep because we'd still be able to make it to an 11:00 service.  We sat with my CBS friend and her family.  The drive home was still rainy but we knew we had delicious leftovers from the night before at home.  Later in the evening we met some friends for dinner at 3 Olives.  Good food and atmosphere and on the way home we stopped and got an iPad for me.  All in all not a bad Sunday. 

Praise be, the heart monitor sending device finally arrived on Friday.  I read through the directions and I am waiting for my tech to check out everything that needs to be done.  Maybe I should watch the DVD that came with the instructions.  When I travel, I'm supposed to pack and take this thing on trips.  Yuck!!!  My incision is starting to heal nicely.  It looked rather raw up until about a week ago. 

I am finishing this post with my iPad.  Yes, I finally joined in with a tablet.  We had bought a new lap top several months ago but I didn't like Windows 8 and the lap top wasn't touch screen.  So here we are.

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