Monday, October 28, 2013

A Morphed Report

It was a dark and stormy night, well early morning when we heard the rain and some distant thunder. Because of the drought conditions since we moved to the Rancho De Five area, we've not experienced significant weekly rain very often, so we are still surprised when we hear the rain begin.  The creek or as we like to call it, the water feature is up several feet more than usual.  The vibrant and verdant colors are so enjoyable to take in.  The HOA approved beige tone houses haven't been the only dry, brown and boring colors these past few weeks.  I had never noticed that fact about the houses until Mary Madeline came to visit.  She's right, brown to the left of me, beige to the right and surrounded by neutral tones all the way around.

Well, we took another sabbatical Sunday.  Surely someplace in the world it is the seventh Sunday kind of like the well known phrase, it is 5:00 somewhere in the world.   We had planned on going into First Baptist but then with the freeway closures we changed that to switching Sundays and going to visit a neighborhood church.  The rain and Roy's sore back made the decision easier to rest at home.  I promise, we are not conditioning ourselves to start staying home on Sundays but there are those seasons where it is more prevalent than other times.  Like M&G says, couldn't we get Baptist Bucks for time we volunteer at church and then use those for time off on Sundays.  But, this wouldn't work for us because we haven't volunteered at church lately.  But we do volunteer for other ministries, so maybe we could do a wire transfer of time like banks wire transfer money.

I am watching one of my very favorite movies, The Bad Seed.  I know, it's not the kind of movie most people would call a favorite, guess sabbatical Sundays are having an effect on me.  No....not really,  I have loved this movie since my freshman year in college.  In fact my college roommate reminded me yesterday that after watching the movie several of us went down the hall and scared a hall mate.   For years I loved it because it was filmed just like the stage play but after watching it low these many years, there is really so much to think and ponder about lying under all this camp acting.  At the time the book was written, the play performed and the movie released, everyone thought it was environment that made you who you are, not genetics.  So back in 1956 this was pretty startling material.  Not so much today.

Yesterday, we worked around the house and yard.  I tweaked the living room set up and moved things around in the reading room.  We weeded some of the front flowerbeds and trimmed the hedge and a couple of shrubs.  I also cleaned out the bird bath.  I finished the book I was reading and started another one.  It is a good thing when every book has an interesting story and you can't wait to find the time to get back into the story.   It was one of those Saturdays that I love, no real schedule but getting things done and lots of leisure time.

Again this is a post that has morphed from Sunday into Monday morning.  I read an interesting article yesterday, "Ask Yourself These Questions."  The article was not your usual ask questions concerning yourself but a much bigger view.  I found it to be very thought provoking.  I was telling Roy about it because there were sections that were more technical than others and he has a technical mind, so I wanted his thoughts. 

I went over to Dena's to see some of the things she had purchased over the weekend for her home.  Everything looks good.  We had dinner at 3 Olives.  Roy and I ate there a couple of weeks ago and really liked it.  Last night, we tried the pizza and was really good.  They have just put in the brick oven and pizza isn't officially on the menu yet, but it was available last night.  The tomato basil soup was awesome too. 

The day awaits, so I must be off. 

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FitzandMolly said...

You need to give me a head's up the next time that movie is on tv.