Friday, October 18, 2013

What Does Garage Sales, Abram and Sarai Have in Common? Nothing, but That is My Friday

Tomorrow is the community wide Rancho De Five garage sale.  I worked a little on getting things together last night and will finish up this afternoon.  We don't have tons of stuff to sell but things we have enjoyed but time to offer them to others.  Like a too big of coffee table in my reading room, a rocking chair that really doesn't fit in the casita bedroom, lamps, pictures, and a few Vera Bradley bags.  We've added some home décor items too.  No books or clothes or stuff like that which is too labor intensive.  I just looked at the garage sale map and there aren't too many in our subdivision participating, so I have no clue if we will have any traffic at all.  Guess we will have to wait and see if the folks at Katy Christian Ministries will be blessed. 

This year I have now found my default outfit when I am too lazy to plan my wardrobe or have no clue what to wear.  Last year denim was my go to 'costume.'  This year's look is from Coldwater Creek.  It is a striped, now I have three different colors, one button sweater like jacket and I have black, cream and navy.  Got my bases covered on this but I am sure I will always default to the denim jacket with jeans or black pants.  It's the look of many over the age of 55.  Really, I am trying to put off the ubiquitous white pants of older women look.  Has anyone else ever noticed that football pants are really just capris for men?  Yes, I know that thought just came out of left field and now I have mixed my sports metaphors, guess I have game.  Oops, I did it again and now I have brought in Britney Spears to this whole mess of a paragraph.  End scene, end paragraph.....

 Studying the life of Abram and Sarai in Community Bible Study has been deep.  Even with the straight to the point questions in our homework, we have had such great discussion.  I wonder, while they were going to the land God would show them if Sarai tried to act as Abram's Siri?   There were several things I heard yesterday that I had never considered.  It has been especially interesting to read Genesis with this in mind, Moses.  He wrote the first five books.  So he is being divinely inspired, led by the Holy Spirit to tell these stories of Abram and Sarai.  So as he writes and puts in the details, there are a lot of details that aren't mentioned but would be so wonderful to know.  Guess we don't need to know the details, but you know what I mean.  This whole tell the Egyptians you're my sister thing....details...what was Sarai thinking?  Was she kept from the longing embrace of Pharaoh?   Was she thinking, at last a stop in this wild nomadic life for me to catch my breath and then deal with catching Pharaoh's eye.  What was Abram doing besides getting richer from the gifts bestowed upon him from Pharaoh?  What do you think Lot was doing in the midst of this?  Since we find out later he has a propensity to hang out with the wrong types, did he think he would get rich from them like his uncle did in Egypt?  Who knows, it is a mystery.  Something that our teaching director said yesterday along with some notes written in a Bible I used long ago, is coming to thought in my spirit.  God called Abram, he was to leave his father's family behind and go to a land.  Only Terah and Lot come along for the first part of the journey...Terah means delay in Hebrew and they all settled in Haran, which means parched.  Terah died, and Abram started out but again bringing Lot.  When Abram's and Lot's herdsmen began fighting amongst themselves, Abram suggests separating and he gives Lot first choice of the land.  Lineta said in her teaching time, that Lot was a distraction and by this way the Lord removed that distraction from Abram's life.  So here is what I am thinking... God called, Abram traveled with delay and distraction and settled in a parched place until delay died.  He traveled on and in God's "if I was God, I wouldn't have done it this way" Lot was removed to go about his way and God finally had Abram in the original state He had called him, left with none of his father's family and going to the place God was showing him. 

Well, I had better continue on in my garage sale journey and get everything assembled so when Roy gets home, we can get it all set up.  Happy weekend my friends!

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The Rabe's said...

My mom LOVES Coldwater Creek. Everything she wears is from there. Did you know that once you are tired of wearing something you can trade it in for something brand new? My mom always has a credit there from trade ins.