Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Morning

What a beautiful day for a garage sale!  It started out pretty darn chilly but I didn't complain.  I love this weather!  This was our first time to participate and it might be our only time.  We haven't had a garage sale since we lived in our townhouse in the hood.  After about an hour we were wheeling and dealing and slashing those prices just to get rid of everything.  We actually participated to be organized so that when it was all said and done, we could load up the leftovers and take them to Katy Christian Ministries.  Today's crowd was looking more for children's items and we had a few toys and they all sold.  Interesting, the picture I didn't like, even trying to hang it sideways to make it more abstract, didn't find a new home.  It went by the way of ministry.  And that was interesting too.  When we pulled up for the drop off, people were there going through everything and buying it on the spot.  I'd never seen that before but it has been some time since I have dropped off anything at Katy Christian Ministries.  One lady left what she bought and said she would come by later to pick it up.  We thought she meant before the noon cut-off.  So her things are outside our locked gate and here's hoping she remembers to come and pick them up. 

Holding a garage sale gives perspective to things.  It is kind of like going through a home to put things into an estate sale.  What might have meant a lot to someone usually doesn't translate into someone caring as much about it.  There are exceptions of course, but so many times when getting things ready for an estate sale you're thinking, what were they thinking?  So there you have it, your once beloved possessions selling for pennies on a dollar.  Or being passed up by many.   I remember right after my grandparents passed away my dad took what was left of their treasured possessions, many of them broken, torn or worn and sell them in a garage sale.  It was sad to see the physical things sit, not bought but it was endearing to remember what mattered, the love my grandparents had for each of their grandchildren and I knew they prayed for us every day. 

The water feature is higher than it has been in a long time.  We had several good downpours yesterday and last night.  The trees and grass looks so green.  There is standing water around us on streets and in culverts.  It's been a while since seeing that.  Maybe we will be out of this drought now. 

It is now Sunday morning.  We are taking yet again, another sabbatical day.  Last week were long days and short nights for Roy.  He needed rest.  Last night, we went out to dinner with our friends Ed and Jennifer.  We met them at Ray's Grill in Fulshear.  I love autumnal food, so I started out with the spiced butternut squash bisque.  It was a great start.  As good as the food was, the conversation and laughs were better. 

I'm ready to get out and enjoy this beautiful day.  These are the days that make memories for you to get through those hot summer months. 

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FitzandMolly said...

Lady, we need to get together. I have a great need to see your face. Lerve!