Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Little Catch Up

I wrote about Roy's water shoes a few posts back, but I didn't tell the story of my shoes.  When we were at the Mast General Store in Asheville, I found a cute pair of shoes that would be perfect to wear with jeans once open toe season is over.  It is a fact that open toe season is year round here but you get the jest of what I am writing.  They only had the shoes in my size for the color that while so cute, weren't very practical color wise.  Last Sunday as I was deleting emails, I saw Rue La La featuring Keen shoes and they had both pairs of shoes that I had admired, in my size and for half the price.  All of the sudden the practical and impractical could be had for the price of one pair in Asheville.  How beautiful are the feet of them that bring good news and my feet will be cute. 

Also, I forgot to tell you about Edward.  Several years ago Dena and I met Edward in the Biltmore dinning room at breakfast.  In the center of the room were several snobby types, all ladies, and he was trying to do what they had requested to their satisfaction.  Believe me, I don't think anyone could satisfy these ladies demands.  We caught his eye and gave him that 'I can't believe these people look.'  He had also seen us praying that morning before our meal.  We saw him every morning at breakfast that week.  Through the years we look for Edward whether I am with Roy or with Dena.  He has been promoted so he is not always out on the floor.  The first Monday of our trip, we just happened to be seated at a table that were getting their food off the menu and here came Edward.  He was serving them and he looked up and saw me smiling at him.  Man, he started smiling back and mouthing, I will be over there in a minute.  It was perfect!  Love how that little divine appointment got to work out. 

Our first brunch day of the new study year was yesterday in leadership council and it was quite delicious.  Our discussion of Genesis 10 and 11 was good too.  I was telling Dena about it and in her own personal reading and studying, the end of chapter 11 jumped out at her too.  One of the transformational thoughts in the homework added besides who is your Terah that is causing you to settle and am I someone else's Terah and I am causing them to settle.  In all the years of reading about Abram, I don't think I ever picked up on the Terah/Haran calling and settling. 

As soon as brunch was over I headed home to wait for the plumbers.  The hot water was rather tepid and we thought maybe the hot water heater was going out.  Although, it seemed a little early for that kind of thing to happen.  Just the pilot light had gone out and these nice gentlemen did not even charge me for coming out and lighting it once again. 

Today, I am going out to Brenham to visit Mimi and take her out for her birthday.  Looks to be a beautiful day.  So thankful that Chris comes today.  We had to skip a rotation of cleaning when we went to Asheville. 

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