Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good Days, Bad Decisions and Pre-Dustination

I love days like today.  Weather...beautiful.  Bible study....wonderful.  Lunch...fun and delicious.  Whole Foods....dinner and peeled oranges.  Home...quiet and serene.  Heart...beating in time rather nicely....  Roy...on his way home...Dinner...made by the fine, fine folks of Whole Foods.  Maybe a little outdoor fireplace later this evening....Great way to end a day.

Last night Dena and I drove over near the hood to pick up an electric fireplace she had ordered.  I have never been in a Northern Tools store and it seemed even more manlier than an auto part store, Sears or Tractor Supply.  While we waited for them to bring the fireplace to the front of the store from the backroom, we read some of the funniest branding posters strategically placed high up all around the store to the best viewing..."It's not who wears the pants but who wears the belt."   Of course the picture is of a big ole tool belt.  Kept me entertained for sure.  The guys there were kind enough to load the fireplace in the back of Sequisha and we were off to Rancho De Five.  We picked up Roy on our way to Dena's cause that sucker was heavy the fireplace, not Dena.  As Roy and Dena were taking the fireplace out of the box and plugging it in, I stood there reading the instructions.  Uh, what's wrong with this picture?  The two process people are foregoing safety.  All those safety minutes that Roy sends me has had an effect on me.  We celebrated the newest addition to Dena's home with pizza. 

We had an insightful devotion given by one of the core group leaders this morning for leadership council.  Her words and thoughts and observations touched each one of us and we will have many more Genesis moments to see daily.  This study of Genesis is blowing me away.  Even chapter 14 filled with kings with hard to pronounce names and all kinds of "ites" being defeated is filled with such truth.  We see how Abram is growing in his relationship with the Lord and it is encouraging to know that Abram doesn't have to be the only one that gets to grow.  We all do.  Thank Eileen for encouraging us to see things from a Genesis perspective. 

Sunday afternoon we did a really stupid thing.  We went to HEB before game time.  It looked like the day before Christmas.  Lots of Texan jerseys on the aisles with full baskets.  We went there to get a couple of things that Kroger doesn't carry and I nearly was run into several times and not by Roy.  We finally got out of there and headed to the much calmer world of Sprouts.  Today, I stopped at Whole Foods after lunch with Peggy and Kathleen.  I love that they have peeled oranges and sometimes tangerines in their prepared fruit case.  I love oranges but hate peeling, de-stringing and de-seeding them.  Yes, first world problems to the tenth power.  Yes, with all the time I am saving I could devote much more time to prayer....I could....or I could play on FB.  Whatever!!!! 

On Sunday, after the bad decision of HEB, after watching the Texans, I went riding on my Trek.   Roy had already ridden for over an hour, but he graciously went with me for my short but meaningful ride around the neighborhood.   It has been quite some time since I have been able to do so.  Too hot and too hurt.  On Friday, our friend David dropped off some things for the garage sale.  He and Emily go to the same Dr that Roy and I go to.  He told me about his conversation with Dr. Riley and one of the things he repeated was her comment that as a Dr you have few opportunities to intervene and then help someone close to the grips of death.  Grips of death is my phrase and I am indebted to Dr. Riley for being so instrumental in my recovery.  You know, I know how close I was, had the death rattle going on in my chest and extreme fatigue and nausea but I heard and understood it so differently Friday.  God is so good!  I'm thankful. 

Well, I'd better begin the process of getting ready for Chris tomorrow.  Don't have a whole lot to predustinate, but enough to keep me busy. 

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