Sunday, October 13, 2013

Happiness on the Prairie

This week I continued to walk in my journal and paper addicted ways.  Oh and add books to that addiction list too.  Thankfully, no pens or pencils were bought this week.  On the way home Wednesday from Brenham and also killing time for Consuela to leave, I stopped at Mimosa Rose.  It is a very cute local shop that carries all kinds of things wonderful.  They were having a 50% off sale on some journals and tablets, not the iPad type.  So, I had to add a few more to my growing collection and if I am not careful I might have to rent a storage unit just to store all my paper products and office supplies.  I will be sitting pretty if there is a shortage of office supplies.  It is also in my will that all these things will go to CourtneyS in the case of my untimely demise.  We share the lurve. 

When Roy and I were in Blowing Rock, we went to a little shop that Dena and I had discovered on our visit.  That little shop is crammed in the most and best way, with jewelry, cards, journals and  little things that one didn't know that one needed.  I came across Sugarboo products in that shop and I fell for all the products displayed.  Fell, but didn't buy them all.  There is a difference. 

I just finished up the second book I've read this week on the Vanderbilts.  That was purely coincidence.  One of the memoirs I picked up at Malapropos in Asheville was next on the stack and I had no idea that the woman writing this was on a long line of Vandy descendants.  Don't think I want to read anything on them for a while.  The stories are just too sad but truthfully even in the high times and being flush with cash, the story is lamentable.  I'm tempted to read Lee Smith's newest, Guests on Earth.  It takes place in Asheville and has a little to do with Zelda Fitzgerald.  Her life and ending is equally lamentable.  Need to read something a little more lively. 

After my haircut yesterday, I met Emily for lunch at Las Alamedas.  We had a great time catching up and I got to give her a few Biltmore goodies.  Before we met I ran into Coldwater Creek for one of their usual ubiquitous sales.  I did find some cute things that were an additional 60% off. 

Emily and David came over for dinner tonight.  Such fun with such wonderful friends.  We did part of the meal and they did part of the meal.  It is a win win, especially since we'll all have leftovers for Sunday lunch or dinner.  We were happy, happy, happy because our teams had won, Texas, Baylor, U of H, and LSU.  There was lots of joy when Emily was here because like she said, no one thought Texas was going to beat OU. 

Sunday evening we are going out with a young couple for dinner.  I met the wife in Community Bible Study and she is really eager to please the Lord and has such a humble spirit.  They asked us to meet them and we are really excited about what the Lord is doing.  Some of our life experiences being used to God's glory.  And the plus, we are meeting them at a restaurant that we've wanted to try. 

Sunday, we are going to a Methodist Church out this way.  One of my friends from CBS attends there and I have loved what she's been posting on FB about her church.   Then Roy saw a friend I used to play softball with and he played racquetball tournaments with, Patty.  Second Baptist was at HEB taking food donations for Katy Christian Ministries. 

Rancho De Five got a little rain yesterday and we are hoping for more rain on Sunday.  Of course we will try not to be those people who stay home if it is raining but since I have talked with my friend about church, there is an accountability to show up. 

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