Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just Thursday Stuff

Abel and his crew are just finishing up with the yard for the week.  Chris came yesterday.  It's good to have a clean house and a maintained yard.  Bible study went well this morning, with a quick trip to Home Goods and Target afterwards.  There are those days when fatigue catches up with me and I think this afternoon became one of those days.  By the time I got home, I felt as if I had been drugged.  Nothing like a little rest and a snack of fresh oranges to aid in the cure. 

Yesterday, I needed to get out and about while Chris was here, so I had three watch batteries replaced and while waiting for them, I got a flu shot.  I usually go to our doctor for one, but I am not heading into town during office hours anytime soon.  So, I went to a Redi Clinic at HEB.  Got a shot, got three watches back and I hit the road.  First stop was downtown Katy.  Went to KT Antiques and Junk Street Market and then I headed west to Bellville.  I have noticed on my trips to Brenham some interesting local shops on the square.  I went to several and had a great time looking at hand crafted items, antiques and clothes.  Since I still had time I drove over to Hempstead and stopped in at Dilorio Farms.  Then I made my way back toward home on familiar back roads we have traveled before.  Since Chris was still at the house I spent time at Academy and then went to the park and read.  I like getting out by myself some days because it is an opportune time to think and pray.  It's good to clear out the cobwebs. 

With a family situation on definite hold, I have experienced the most rewarding time these past 18 or so months.  There has been time to heal both physically and emotionally.  Without the constant demand and always having to be on my A game, my frantic brain has had a bit of rest and not having to keep up with the exhausting and constant evaluation of circumstances has been a welcome reprieve.  I feel more settled in my spirit of who God has made me to be and beginning to see that change come to outward fruition and not just something I know deep inside of me.  I've really come to understand my sense of humor and I feel like I am naturally funny like my mom, not a put on a show kind of humor like my dad.  My observations many times has been his humor being used to make fun of or mock someone else.  He doesn't have witty responses or funny thoughts, he just needs someone to be the butt of his jokes.  One other thing that has changed is the need to be constantly on the go.  This summer, while being quite social on the lunch scene, I spent more time at home reading and writing.  It was one of the best summers of my life.  I think adding to the best summer was seeing and reacquainting with friends from high school.  Another addition for a good summer, Emily and David and Dena and Dana moving out here to Rancho De Five.  It was also the summer where I came to the conclusion that there needed to be some conclusion for concern with a few troubling people.  It must be in all of our lives we have people who no matter what, pushes a nerve and we are those people to others.   Hard to believe isn't it?   For the most part there isn't anything really we can do to ever please them because there is too much deep seated resentment and insecurity and comparison and transference.  Such peace and freedom leaving the constraints of unrealistic expectations of others on the side of the path that comes from one of the best summers of life.  Along with the best summer also came the contentment of knowing and walking in my giftings and calling.    

Next week we get into the juicy stuff in Genesis, Hagar.  This week we spent time with nine kings at war, King and High Priest Mel and Abram once again saving Lot's rear end. 

It is now going on over a month and we cannot get Nationwide to respond or act on the claim filed by the people who ran into the back of us at the Biltmore.  Roy keeps at it.  This guy in North Carolina that works for Nationwide hasn't responded to any of our emails, the message left by our insurance agent or our calls.  No out of office response.  It is beginning to feel a little fraudulent. 

We are looking at a laid back weekend.  Our first in quite sometime.  We have lots of yard work to finish up and there are some books calling my name.  There are some t-shirts needing to be worn and Sunday a church to attend.  Maybe this week we'll get back to First Baptist and then do another visit to a neighborhood church next Sunday. 

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