Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tuesday Thanksgiving

Be anxious for nothing, but I sit here tonight being anxious for the cooler weather tomorrow, with maybe a little rain thrown in for good measure.  It hasn't been too bad with oppressive heat but when the fall is your favorite season of the year....and you live in Rancho De Five, you know there are few of these days to enjoy.  And to add to this, I don't have anything official scheduled for tomorrow.

We had leadership council this morning.  The study of Genesis is really interesting.  We've had lively discussion.  After our meeting today I met Bev for lunch.  I love the extendomatic birthday, so we were celebrating mine today.  I don't get to see Bev as much as I used to, so today was a gift.  We did our usual five hour lunch....ok, not that long but we could do so easily.  Bev is an artist and I love her work.  Today, she blessed me with one of her beautiful hand made spun wool bowls.  She also knows my addiction to...I mean my love language of journals and gave me a unique one that I fell automatically in love with.  The best though, the very beautiful and Bev made and crafted card.  I will  treasure it and you know I'm not a big user of the word treasure, so you have to know how special it is and most appreciated as I am a lover of cards.

I also want to add an addendum to my post the other day about women's ministry.  The particular book I was reading brought that long ago and nearly forgotten memory to mind.  I don't want to leave the impression that I don't desire God to use me, because I do.  I love facilitating in CBS because I get to know and be involved with my group.  There were some tough roads last year for some of my core group and I counted it a privilege to walk out that journey with them, and I still do.  In that experience long ago I knew that ministry in a church because back then having a ministry on a world wide basis hadn't even been conceived for women, was not the direction God had for me.  I do know one on one in divine appointments or in regular daily life, with the people I do life with, God uses me.  When I was on staff at church there was one time I was thrown into a situation somewhat like the one I wrote about.  I met a young married woman for breakfast on the request of my boss.  It was stuff way over my head and understanding.  I listened, prayed and gave her the women's ministry number because I felt she would get the help and understanding she needed there and asked her if she and her husband would come in and see my boss.  At the time, our women's ministry director was not officing on campus and I always hoped and prayed that the young woman called and got the kind of help she needed.  She and I both knew I wasn't the person to help her.  I don't remember if she and her husband came to see Jason but most probably if they met with him it was off campus.  It was such a long time ago. 

It has taken some time and prayer and thought to finally realize what and where God's purpose for me lays or lies( I can't remember the grammar rule for correct usage.) 

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