Friday, February 7, 2014

Dinner, Fun, Mathnasium and Olympics

Last night Bill, Peggy, Roy and I went to Dena's to help her hang the mirror and artwork she bought before moving into her new home.  Mainly because schedules conflicted and life in general, there didn't seem to be the opportunity to help her get this done.  That is, until last night.  Granted, I was not much help.  I am an eyeball it and hang it kind of gal but I am fighting off a sore throat that is immune system related, not a cold and this shall be a sign unto me that a sore throat means, slow down.  Dena made (the trip) dinner for us.  Yummy BBQ from a place off Mason.  It was delicious and I think we all did the second helping thing.  Then it was time to get to work.  Out came hammers and tape measures and molly bolts and nails.  There was some furniture moving and the master wall hanger Bill, began to work his magic.  He was helped by his two lovely assistants, Peggy and Roy.  I took myself out of the equation, notice a math term, when all this dividing and fractionating started taking place.  I am not gifted with patience for tedious tasks.  Roy and Peggy are dividing and measuring and talking fractions.  Uh, no one told me math was going to be involved.  I made it my job, unnecessarily, to make sure Bandit or now as he is known out here in Rancho De Five, Mr. B was entertained and played with.   
 It all went quite well and everyone had Winston Churchill to thank for calm and carry on that permeated the night.. 

 OK, the wall is 60 and 5/8 wide.  The height above the sideboard will be 12 inches.  The hangers on the back are 10 inches from the top.  When will Bill and Peggy arrive in Seattle and when will Roy eat a cookie?  Please show your work. 
 Measure 7 times and only put 5 holes in the wall.  The math guy, Roy, is contemplating his next break and to keep him occupied is thinking trig and calculus thoughts. 
 The happy camper!  That mirror is a beautiful statement piece but it is so heavy!  You know I was going to another room when Dena brought in her bathroom scales so that the merry three could see how much it weighed so they would know what kind of hangers to use and when Bill and Peggy would arrive in Seattle.  Show your work, please. 
 Here is another view.  Absolutely beautiful! 
 Now to the next piece in the reading nook.  If a wall is 70 2/16 wide and the artwork is to be only five inches above the fireplace and the fireplace is 48 inches tall and Dena has two apples that are not real, how many slices will there be to divide the apples to feed five people?  If a + b=c, how many baskets of leftover bread and fish will there be for Bill and Peggy to eat on the train going to Seattle?  Show your work.  Bonus credit for Roy's thoughts on advanced trig. 

  Here is a close up of every one's happy face.  If you're happy and you know it, measure a wall.  If you're happy and you know it stand up tall.  If you're happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it, if you're happy and you know it measure a wall.  Then divide by 2, carry the 3 and when two vowels go walking the first does the talking. 
 Meanwhile Mr. B has found Roy to be the perfect entertainment since I was busy with photo documentation duties. 
 All done!

The next project was in Dena's study but after a while I realized all the pictures looked the same, so I stopped taking pictures and had a Diet Coke.  Bill also hung two other pieces but they were a snap in comparison to the measure and math approach. 

In the background the beginning of the Olympics skated on.  With the sound muted, Peggy and I played commentator to the pairs skating.  Time to refresh my knowledge of skating terms because you need them about every 4-6 years. 

At 10:00 pm we all realized we were out too late on a school night.  The sidewalks roll up kind of early out here on the prairie.  This is the closest thing to a barn raising where everyone gathers to help their neighbors. 

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