Monday, February 10, 2014

Lots of Insecurity Running Around

It is ironic that on a foggy and rainy day the traffic was better than two weeks ago with sunshine and a cloudless sky.  I had an appointment with the oral surgeon this morning.  Every thing is going well and in about two months he will start project B on another area.  I was in and out of his office and free to go over to Target.  I noticed that Three Brother's Bakery has a shop on Kingsride.  That's good to know.  After the Target run, it was The Fresh Market stop and then on to Barnes and Noble's.  I also stepped outside my comfort zone and went to an unfamiliar ATM.  I've written before that my escapades at various ATM's should be released on You Tube.  First off, I didn't pull in close enough, so I had to do a redo of pulling along side the thing.  This machine was one you insert the card and then pull it out quickly, like at a gas station and I am used to the one that eats your card and returns it to you after the transaction is complete.  I was trying to shove that card into the slot...oh yes, read the screen.  Ack!  ATM's make me feel so inadequate and insecure. 

It was a good 24 hours because between Dena's trip in Baytown and mine today at Memorial City, I have five more notebooks.  Well five more of the kind that I love.  They are difficult to find. 

Last night we met David and Emily at the always busy in the evenings Luby's.  Fuddruckers had a line almost out the door.  It was great catching up with them.  We got home and I went straight to watching Downton Abbey. 

This week we are studying Leah, Rachel and Jacob...oh and don't forget Laban.  I don't think I ever really understood until now how miserable Leah was and the wrangling between Laban and Jacob is really interesting, very deep.   Both men have quite a bit of anger stored up in their spirits and when they have the chance to unload every injustice and sin against them brought by the other, they take it to the smallest detail.  It is obvious a lot of thought had gone into the releasing of their words.  That is what happens when we meditate on the negative and keep a record of every wrong, little or big. 

I read an intersecting article on Leadership Freak Twitter account last week.  I enjoy this man's insight and solutions for leadership.  His topic was insecure leaders.  All of us have one time or another worked for an insecure boss.  Maybe at some time or the other we have been the insecure boss but it doesn't have to remain that way.  Here are his 20 attributes of an insecure leader or boss;
Insecure leaders:
1.    Defend when they should explore.

2.    Take things personally.

3.    Blame higher ups for tough decisions.

4.    Don’t trust others because they don’t trust themselves.

5.    Can’t say no.

6.    Threaten, intimidate, and coerce.

7.     Shut down input from others because feedback is frightening.

8.    Micromanage.

9.    Won’t delegate.

10.  Yell.

11.  Backstab.

12.  Create teams of yes-men.

13.  Illustrate their competence and successes too frequently.

14.  Hoard knowledge.

15.  Delay decisions and then flip flop after.

16.  Seem snobbish.

17.  Crave positional authority and respect.

18.  Nitpick and belittle.

19.  Share blame and take credit.

20.  Name drop.
Tomorrow if I remember or maybe the day after I will post how to overcome insecurity to become a better leader.  Like I said, the blog is helpful no matter if you're a paid employee or a volunteer or a leader in your sphere of influence. 

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