Monday, February 3, 2014

The Morning is Moving On and So Must I

It is a beautiful, steely gray morning.  I love these days and know that soon the days will morph into spring like colors and I will love those mornings as well.  Yesterday, we had cold rain on a cold day.  We accidently overslept yesterday morning.  We were planning on going to church at The Fruit Loop.  Looked like another brunch morning at Las Alameda's and then a quick stop at Books A Million.  The cold rain hit while we were in the mall and I'm glad we had the foresight to wear rain gear.  When we returned home, I began a project out in the casita bedroom and Roy had some work that needed to be taken care of.  The whole idea of this being Super Bowl Sunday was way in the background of our thoughts.  We had it on last night as background noise mainly to watch the commercials.  Then I started going between the game and SNL repeats.  I was so thankful for the 8:00 hour to be able to watch Downton Abbey. 

Roy was downtown Saturday morning getting the rest of his ethic hours for CLE.  I met him at Tony's for lunch.  Later on, I went over to Dena's to see the latest additions and rearrangements at her home.  Looking very good!  We went to Home Goods and then decided to top off the exciting shopping excursion with dinner at Luby's.  Note to self, kids eat free all day on Saturdays, pick other dinning spot.  It was worth standing in line for thirty minutes though.  At dinner I got the Clift Note version of Dena's Sunday School lesson, so all in all it was all good evening with laughter, shopping and Sunday School.  I also had a chance to tell her what I had been studying all day with Isaac and the Fam. 

After months of just doves and a few small birds, our bird feeder has become a place of frenzied flight.  All kinds of birds are making a stop and visit.  The doves are rather passive about the whole thing and sit off to the side and watch the take off and landings like we sometimes do at an airport.  Last week the neighborhood cat laid low under a few plants that have survived the cold and waited for an unsuspecting victim.  No wonder birds eat like they are in prison, watching to see who is behind them or stalking them.  That cat would have a heyday this morning.  Buddy stopped watching them only because it is time for her mid morning nap and that many birds to watch is truly overwhelming. 

I got wrapped up in several articles last night and went to bed much later than usual.  When I got into bed, I felt like something was wrong with the blanket and comforter.  In the dark and without my glasses, my sense of touch did not become uber strong and thus I concluded it was all in my imagination.  In the middle of the night I was awakened by the erratic beat of my heart.  That has not happened in a while.  Stress and heat are my trigger points and it was then I realized that Roy had doubled up the comforter on my side of the bed because he says it is too hot.  This morning I teasingly asked Roy if he was trying to kill me because of the double portion of comforter. 

The articles I read came from Darling magazine.  No, this is not some sentimental, although I am very sentimental, syrupy, sweet magazine, it is quite the opposite.  The photos are lovely and the narrative of different types of women, dreamers, stylists, adventurers and the like are thought provoking.  I have never seen a magazine quite like it, other than literary journals I have subscribed to over the years.  Heavy paper, great fonts, photos and artwork.  I came across Darling at a small shop in Blowing Rock NC and then I subscribed.  It is pricey but I have found it to be worth it.  They present timely and well written articles from the heart and spirit, even when it has to do with rather pedestrian subjects. 

The morning is moving on and so must I.

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