Saturday, February 22, 2014

O Blessed Day of Saturday

It must be a cyclical thing, robo calls, private caller calls, out of area calls and the common denominator in all these is, no message is ever left.  We go months without receiving these types of calls and then comes the season we are in now, where these calls happen quite a bit throughout the day and evening.  We have call blocker and every once in  a while I drop a number and add a new one in place.  The most frustrating of telemarketers is the change of one digit and with that you have to block a lot of calls from the same telemarketer.  Purple Heart and a "faux" cancer fund raiser seems to be at the heart of most of these calls in the past few days. 

With the warmer temps, getting a pedi today was a must.  I made a 10:00 appointment on Friday, the earlier the better since the parking lot fills up rather quickly with a hair salon, spa, Mexican food joint and Ooh La La traffic.  I went with a lilac or lavender polish to welcome spring or maybe it should be spriummer.  Peggy texted me while there and wanted to see if I would like to meet for lunch, someplace where we could sit outside.  We chose Las Alameda's because they have that great patio.  With Katy ISD early dismissal and the beautiful weather it was a noise filled junior high feel in the La Centerra courtyard.  Even the drive home had junior high everywhere, especially at the hill outside of McDonald's.  All the energy and exuberance, it was a lot of fun to watch but I wouldn't want to be around it everyday nor would I like to go back to that time and relive junior high years. 

Last night I got back to work on my project but first I had to rearrange some of my supplies because the clutter and scattered look about the room was really bugging me.  I had to decide if everything was bothering me because I was procrastinating the start of my new idea thus being a little scared to try or if the supplies were really bothering me.  The answer, it bothered me.  Several weeks ago I was especially encouraged by my friend Bev.  We met for lunch and as per our usual practice, we talked and laughed till the lunch hour was over.  Bev is a talented artist and as she talked about the online class she is participating in, she recollected her early artistic days in school and just by entering the art room, she was invigorated.  She loved the aroma, the atmosphere and the hint of excitement in the air of that school room, art room.  The art room held the same feelings for me too but the emotion of fear and dread must be added to the equation for my story.  Now, walking into a library or a room filled with books, now that spoke to me in the very deep core of my being.  I've confessed on Monablog and to Bev that day, how I wish I was creative; to be able to draw or paint or conceive some kind of art concept besides stick figures to be gifted in.  Bev encouraged me to approach creativity with a childlike attitude and abandon.  I had just read in the book Walking on Water, the very same thing.  We lose the wonder and question of things as we grow into adults.  Funny, we desperately hold onto other things from childhood such as mine, mine, mine.  Or maybe crying when we don't get our way and oh there is that pesky part of us that keep on doing what we want, when we want with all kinds of warnings that we are going to get hurt or burned.  Yea, we hold tightly onto that kind of stuff but let the sense of play go right to the garbage dump.  So for this latest journaling project, I am approaching it with childlike sensibilities.  I made my first attempt last night and I like where this process is going although, I see one spot that I should have done differently....but who cares?  Next time I do this I will know to make that change.  It's a given I will not ever do any of this perfectly and it probably will never be seen by anyone else than me, but there is that joy from sitting down and doing something I dreamed up. 

Our neighborhood's second annual celebration of Mardi Gras is this afternoon.  We have a lot of transplanted Louisiana folk and I think LSU fans barely outnumber A&M fans.  fortunately, there are only a few Alabama fans in the neighborhood.  :) 

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