Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Weekend

This has been a  relaxed weekend.  Roy took of Friday and he has Monday off too.  Friday I finally made it to the new Costco.  I was not disappointed and we found the cool temp pillow that my friend Gena had told me about.  Hopefully, no more hot pillow nights.  Roy needed some food to take to Bible study on Saturday morning, so we got that knocked off the list.  We made a quick trip to Lowe's for air filters and then only because he loves me and he must have been in that Valentine state of mind, we went over to Target because the website said they had one of those precious notebooks that I hoard.  You can tell how I feel about these notebooks because I just used the word precious.  Well, lied.  They didn't have any.  Secretly I think Roy was kind of happy about that. 

Later that afternoon after Roy got his haircut we met up at the happening Luby's for lunch.  We invited Dena to meet us for lunch and she did.  We all had so much fun and after a while Roy left to go workout.  We wrapped up our conversation and laughing but we both had things we needed to get done, so we set off for our appointed errands.  Only, I forgot one of the major ones I had; picking up my prescription.  Roy was able to do that on his way home.  We also had a fun surprise visit Friday evening of David and Emily and Claire.  So fun but Claire was being rather shy. 

Yesterday morning we went to the memorial service for David's daughter Ashley.  It was a beautiful service.  Something that I had not expected was some of the choir from Church of the Redeemer and St James Episcopal Church singing several selections.  Their voices, the familiar Betty Pulkingham descant took me back to days of long ago when Mary Madeline and I would go to Redeemer on Friday nights and sometimes we even went on Sunday morning.  My eyes filled with tears because their music ministered to my spirit a long time ago in a difficult season of life and it was a welcomed treat to experience it again yesterday in a limited way and not for the happiest of occasions.  The ending hymn was I Want to Walk as A Child of the Light, which I absolutely love.  Need to crank up the ol' iPod and listen to my Church of the Redeemer music.  And speaking of Redeemer, we attended Redeemer Community Church this morning.   Roy made me promise not to fill out a visitor card or anything until after we heard the sermon.  A very friendly church and we enjoyed the service and sermon.  They are going through the book of Luke.  Then we were just a hop skip and a jump away from brunch at Las Alamedas. 

After the memorial service yesterday, we made a quick stop by The Fresh Market and then headed back to Rancho De Five.  I changed clothes and ate a little snack before heading over to Dena's.  We did some shopping in downtown Katy.  We both found wonderful things but she found a bookcase for her study and Bill and Peggy delivered it later that afternoon.  She found it at Bill's antique store.  I had not been to Lacy Oaks yet and that was a really fun shop.  They had two books from the Boys and Girls book shelve that I don't have in my collection.  Looks like these books were well loved and read with the wear and tear.  After our shopping we went to Los Cucos for a late lunch.  We invited Roy to meet us but he was out on the roads on his Trek.  He was checking out if there were sidewalks all the way to Bahama Mamma's for soon it will be snow cone season.  He has talked about riding there and back this spring.  He also has a friend who is building a home close to where Dena lives and he rides over there to check on progress.  We drove by their lot today after lunch.  Looks like they are getting it ready to pour the foundation. 

It's time to cut back the roses, so I need to go and do that.  Roy is getting out the pressure washer to clean out the bird bath. 

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