Thursday, February 20, 2014

Taking It All In

Yesterday was one of those days of no schedule, no scheduled responsibilities, just a day of taking care of things that needed attention.  Like cleaning out a cabinet.  Oh yes, I live that wild, fun life of rearranging a cabinet that has become a catch all for everything we don't know what to do with.  Either KCM or Chris will be getting some dishes.  I did some writing and honestly I could have almost spent the day writing because idea after idea came crashing in and by crashing in, I mean that it a good way.  So thankful to have my Mead Decorative Fashion Notebook to keep track of ideas for further introspection.  I also made reservations for Buddy at Cat Camp when we go on vacay.  On Sunday Roy and I finally broke out the high pressure washer we bought last summer to give the bird bath a really good scrubbing.  Roy did the tedious work of figuring how to put the thing together and I did the fun work of getting rid of bird bath scum and yes it's as fun as it sounds.  We also gave the bird feeder a good power washing.  I finally got around to filling the feeder yesterday afternoon and the doves and the little small birds that might be finches or wrens are so very happy.  The mockingbird is back as well doing its duty of neighborhood bird cop and chasing away the crows.  I worked on a journal project and started reading a new book.  Roy brought home Chinese food for dinner.  Yesterday was a very good day. 

Since I am over Duck Dynasty, I didn't watch it last night but watched a SNL documentary on VH1.  It was a look back of the 90's and the changes that SNL made and how it became even more of a cultural vehicle of satire.  I do love a good documentary on comedy.  With Jimmy Fallon taking over The Tonight Show this week, it was interesting to see him on SNL when he was a rookie and think, did he even have a hint that one day he would take over The Tonight Show? 

I love those nocturnal, late night happenings with Roy deep in foggy sleep.  Buddy stayed up late last night which only means she fell asleep on the couch and didn't hear us leave the living room.  So she came and joined us later than usual.  She is stealth quiet most of the time but last night she came to bed making a little more noise than usual, thus waking up Roy.  He wakes me up by asking what have I been doing?  Uh, sleeping...  He thought I had stayed up too late on a school night but I had been there right by his snoring side all along. 

Last night I also read the commentary for today's lesson in CBS.  The commentary was exceptionally good for this chapter with Laban and Jacob.  In chapter 31 of Genesis, Jacob who is taking baby steps in faith, calls upon God eight times and I love the point that Jacob and Laban could not call the Mizpah oath in the same language.  Love all the big and little parts of the story that I had never paid attention to before. 

We also made our hotel reservations for Megan's graduation.  This is too hard to believe and she did college in four years.  That is even harder to believe.  Good job Megan!  We checked on flights but we are still debating whether to fly or not...we should have our decision made soon. 

It's time to hit the day, no easing into this morning.  There has been quite the cloud show from my vantage point this morning. 

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