Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MonTues Happenings

Roy forgot to take his workout clothes with him this morning.  I almost reminded him but he is on top of things like that, so I didn't say anything.  Plan B, ride around the trails close to home and go workout tomorrow.  Plan B gave me the reasonable excuse to go to The Fresh Market and pick up some dinner after meeting CourtneyS for lunch at The Nord.  I came into the Galleria early to do a little shopping.  Nothing really caught my eye since it is still a transitional season.  I did find a couple of things from the Home Dept.  I did stop by TFM and picked up a few things and of course something for dinner.  I did get a little more than I bargained for in TFM.  While shopping I could hear this raspy, somewhat high pitched voice of a little old lady as background noise.  In fact the voice sounded a whole lot like the voice I use when I want to answer the phone if it is a telemarketer.  I finally found the voice and it was a little old lady dressed in denim skirt that was popular in the 80's, a small flower print blouse and a blue sweater with apples and gingham all down the front of it.  She looked to be shorter than Peggy and when she turned to me and craned her neck to look up she asked me if I knew where the apple pies that were on sale were?  It took everything within me to answer in my normal voice.  She and I left the store about the same time and she climbed behind the wheel of a Jag.  She could barely see over the wheel.  I let her pull out and drive on. 

It is now a foggy Tuesday morning.  Roy remembered his gym bag but it took two extra times trying to get him out the door.  He had a wrong combo of colors going on and thankfully, I was awake enough to catch it.  On the second shirt a button popped, so it was back one more time before he was finally able to get out the door and he was quite excited that he caught his bus at the normal time. at the Park and Ride. 

You grab time when you can to write, so I was only able to write that little small paragraph above before leaving for Leadership Council.  I love our Tuesday morning discussions and leadership development was very good today.  One of my core group members is on staff at COTHA and has been overwhelmed with work, ministry and other various things.  I stopped in to visit with her after our meeting and it was great to catch up with her.  As a former church staff member I can certainly empathize with her, you know ministry and it seems that people HAVE to be involved. 

I am looking forward to a day of catching up and then rewarding myself with some book time.  I made myself a delicious lunch but not quite as delicious as the crabstack at Nord and Buddy wasn't as much fun as CourtneyS but it was a pleasant lunch at best. 

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FitzandMolly said...

lerved my lunch with you. Thanks again!