Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Roy!

Today is Roy's birthday.  I am a rather fortunate woman to be married to such a kind yet strong man.  He is generous and does things for others that nobody will ever find out about and that is how he wants it.  For years he gave to the church in cash, not in an envelope for many reasons I won't state here.  I call Roy my walking commentary.  He is gifted with such wisdom and knowledge of the scriptures.  He especially likes when I discuss homework questions with him not so he can give me answers but it is helpful to him as he reads and studies during his quiet time.  Roy is a man of prayer, he is a man of faith and he walks it and talks it daily.  If I need prayer, he is the one I go to first although sometimes before he gets to the prayer part, he is in work focus mode which may or may not makes me cry because I am looking for a little compassion.  I know better than to call him at work with prayer needs, but sometimes a wife just needs that support from her hubby complete with all legal areas covered as a bonus.  When I get anxious over something, Roy's calm demeanor and approach, in turn calms me.  He doesn't look macho and he doesn't act macho, which I love about him but believe me, you would not want to get into an argument or fight with him because he has a will of iron. 

During the time I was so ill, he took over so many things around here and never complained once.  He encouraged me and covered me with prayer.  Even now with new health adventures, his concern and love overwhelm me and overwhelm me in a good way. 

He has the most wonderful dry sense of humor.  He makes me laugh.  His photographs he takes for me are such a gift and delight, well except when he tries to take the candid picture of me, which he knows I absolutely hate.  I am always making some kind of dumb face. 

I love him more today than the day we got married.  He leads our home well.  He is my protector when Buddy gets the big eyes and my arm is in the line of her attack. 

Something that he has said our whole married lives....Nancy, if it blesses you, it blesses me.  A friend once commented about some of the fun things we have done over the years, she said, ah, y'all still date each other.  So what if now our date night includes Luby's, Target, Lowe's, Costco or Home Goods, we have lots of fun.  One of my favorite things is when we drive around the countryside and Roy takes pictures for me and my journaling.  I love that he loves the Biltmore as much as me, well maybe as much as me.  He even did high tea with me one trip and this is something he never wants to do.  Lots of people have asked why we drive there.  One reason is to bring new stuff home but in reality, we have a great time out there on the road. 

Even though Roy usually doesn't read my blog I will write this just in case he peaks into today;
Happy Birthday Roy!  I love you so much!  My words are inadequate for how much I love and appreciate and respect you!  I could use one of our favorite tag lines from show or commercials we love that make us laugh.  By jove, I think I will.  (just read a Downton Abbey review, although I have never heard that term about by jolly, I will!)  Pizza Pizza! 

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