Friday, April 9, 2010

New Computer-What a Difference

Roy has been back and forth on getting a new computer. Our lemon laptop has been quite disappointing, to say the least. HP, maker of lemon laptop, sent an advertising email about new products not even in the store yet. So, we gave them another try and so far so good. Even all the stuff Roy has transferred over and off a back up hard drive has been flawless. He has in the past done this kind of thing when I'm out and about because Nancy with no patience can't take all the drama involved. I don't know if he has put my email on here yet because I really can't find it. No prob, been adding favorite blogs to Favorites and getting on FaceBook. The screen is HUGE! I can see! Working with photos is going to be a lot more fun. Bigger keyboard, yep and it is much easier on the hands and wrists. Lemon laptop is still under warranty, so it is going back in the shop for an overhaul. Roy should be home soon and he will chase me off the computer but I wanted to get on for just a bit.

Today was time well spent out in the Land of Sugar. Of course, great haircut by Stevie. A quick trip into Whole Foods. Lots of time spent in Super Target because of a 10% coupon I had. Great deals where plentiful. Found a rug on clearance and a runner too. Then to the Christian book store. Found a few things. Then to Academy and Cost World of whatever that place is called. Found a great picture for our bedroom there. It will add some color and cheer to the palette of the bedroom. I was in the Land of Sugar much longer than usual, but it was a very fun outing.

Candie called yesterday. Who is Candie? Well, she is the lucky person who now works with Jason. She replaced me last year when I retired. Anyway, she asked me to do the devotion for the Admin retreat in May. I am really excited about doing this. I made sure I didn't have to be there at 8:00 am. Kind of out of practice for that.

Roy just called and he is pulling in now. Better jump off and hand over the computer.

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