Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh Beauty That is Houston on a Spring Day

It has been an absolutely beautiful day. Cooler temps with a breeze, even had the top down as I ran errands today. Although early on, I also had some heat blasting out the vents to make the coolness tolerable. Peggy introduced me to some easy to assemble salads at Kroger's. The spinach one is very much like my Amuse salad. Kroger was out of them, the stock boy even went to the back to check.

Finding something to wear right now is difficult. It's as if I am starting out from scratch. I've been fortunate that I have caught several good sales and today I made a careful investment in some Flax tops and jackets. As much as I dislike math, it is like a math problem deciding on what size to buy to get the most wear of an item. That is why I purchased Flax today. It will be fine for size changes coming up. The other penurious thing I've done is buy some belts to make bigger tops fit. There are several more bags of clothes waiting to go to the Mission Training Center or Goodwill. OK, great highlight to my afternoon. Coming home I was driving kind of slow on the feeder road. I had a guy on a revved up scooter behind me and I didn't want to make him mad with a couple of lane changes I had to make due to a stopped truck. I quickly went back into my original lane so he could get by me. I feel that he is coming up beside my car and he's honking his horn. I looked over and it was Jerrell Altic. Loved it! Thanks Jerrell, made my day!

Finally, after a two and a half day wait, the A/C guys made it here yesterday. I prefer Roy to be here when workmen come a calling but with everyone getting Tuesday off for the funeral, quarter close is barreling down on them. The guys who fixed everything were really nice but I'm not going to stand there and talk...ask questions...comment on the nature of the beast etc... like Roy does. I calmly came into the den/office and looked at clothes on J.Jill and only talked when I was spoken to.

On the way to meet Cassi for lunch yesterday, I saw something I won't forget for awhile. I took the scenic, back way to La Fiesta. Along one street a nanny was pushing an empty stroller with a little girl holding onto it and pushing it with her. They stopped in front of some beautiful flowers and the nanny was doing her best to get the little girl to go look at the flowers. The little girl had no interest in the beauty about her, she was more interested in her belly button. She had her little top pulled up and she was bending over trying to get a much better look at her belly button. Of course she had her fingers in there and so her belly button was completely covered. Again, she was asked to go look at the flowers and she was more determined with her vigorous head shaking indicating NO! She stood there in the midst of all that spring time beauty immersed into the qualities of her belly button. I laughed and went on but in my spirit I heard the Lord speak, not so funny, you do things like this all the time when I'm trying to get you to look at all I have for you. You're like the little girl, not interested in seeing My hand cause you've got your hand and eyes on your belly button. Well, that got my attention. Thanks Lord! I want to see where you are so I will be there too, not missing a thing You have to show or speak.

I'm being the good wifey pooh and picking up Roy from the office tonight. Think we will grab some din din and then come home. He has to have a root canal in the morning, while I get to go to the land of Sugar for a hair cut....and some Super Target...and some Whole Foods....and maybe a little stop at Academy.


Tillie said...

I am sooooo that little girl too! darn belly buttons :)

hope you are doing well! Miss you! We need to do a Nord lunch soon!!

Jerrell said...

so fun seeing you fun...

Laurie M said...

Thanks for the word, Nance. LOVE it! Miss YOU...come to the burbs soon!

Marty H said...

I loved the belly button word picture. God will use that one on me lots, I am sure. A great reminder.