Friday, April 30, 2010

Sadness, Bible Study is Over Till September

Yesterday was the last day of Bible study. Well, not forever, I mean I will continue to study the Bible, but I'm talking about Community Bible Study in Katy, TX. We start again in September. Some are saying well Nance, you don't live in Katy, that isn't your community. That's so true but that is where Gerti (Peggy) lives and I originally just did this so I could spend some time with Peg. We always talk like we are going to get together and plan to do things, but since neither one of us is organized enough to execute this kind of plan, we let CBS do this for us. Afterwards we have lunched, shopped and worked out...well not all three in an afternoon. To be honest lunch got a lot more attention than anything. Little did I realize that when I signed up to drive out to Katy every Thursday, I would fall in love with my core group. They are such a beautiful bunch of women, inside and out.

This is Gena our leader and chief Bunny Trail Wrangler. Hard to imagine that we might get off topic, even when it is biblical off topic. She did a great job and that is saying a lot when you have two ADD addled brained people like Peggy and me.
Here we are doing our little bunny foo foo imitation. We were not imitating God while doing this like the wall verse says. Or maybe we were.... Is it not written in the annals of kings of Judah?
Here are the two serious pics we all posed for. We didn't have Barbara or Julie included since they weren't there. And Sarah moved to Switzerland to be a missionary. Hey, anyone know how we can photo shop them in?

We studied the Divided Kingdom and we all know a few more J names from the Old Testament. We decided that names that begin with J must be the OT version of today's Caitlin's (alternate spelling Kaitlin), Emma's, Caris and Graces. Seemed very popular with both the northern and southern kingdoms. We will never forget the most famous OT J name, Jezebel.
So yesterday we said our goodbyes for the summer but there just might be some plan to have a Bunny Trail Revival at Peggy's this summer. There is no way the powers that be at CBS are going to let us all be together again, but we would say yes in a heartbeat! We hope Gena fairs well in that we were routinely the last group into lecture and even the slowest moving group to head that way. What can we say, we loved studying God's Word together, we love praying with one another, and we loved the bunny trails. All in all that sounds like the makings of a good group to me.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

San Felipe Target Does Not Tempt Me

So I am still on the lookout for a new picture to put on the wall over our bed. So sometimes Targets carry different things and I decided to go to the Target that I really, no REALLY, don't care for. The one that is closest to our home...the one of San Felipe. You can bet the farm that they won't have the shelves restocked on sale items of the week. I was not disappointed on that at all! See, I should have just gone to the pictures and not looked around in other departments. Didn't see any new pictures, but I did see a dress I hadn't seen at the Target in Memorial City and it looked like it wanted to come home with me.

The aggravation of the San Felipe Target melted anyway, because I had just come from a massage. Stacey has been ill and our schedules weren't clicking, so I tried the new massage therapist at Lifetime. Oh yea, she is good! She owned her own company in Dallas that specialized in medical massages. Her husband was transferred to Houston, so here she is. Anyway, she is excellent. I was missing Stacey though, cause we were in her former spa room and I wore the regular sized robe today. She should have been there to celebrate that with me. By no means am I quitting Stacey. I will keep going to her until she decides she has had enough of massage. They are both so good and I will get the best of both worlds by going to them both.

The morning started out with lab work at the doctor. Then to break the fast, I had breakfast at Buffalo Grille. Yum yum! Today must have been everyone knows everyone else day, well except for me. Didn't know a sou nor a soul knew me, but it was fun watching the networking. Hey, I wasn't upset by not being social. I'm reading a really good book. I've now lost 111 pounds and my glucose was the best it has been 104! Praise the Lord!!!

Such a beautiful day to run errands. The fragrance in the air is thrilling while driving in and around Memorial Drive.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Target is Just So Tempting Right Now

Seriously, Target has too many way cute things in the store right now. I came home with a new top but left a picture there that would really work well in our bedroom. Have to think on these things. Looked through all the summer clothes, bright colored towels and sheets and all kinds of other fun stuff. Really love the framed print...hmm...maybe I will measure the space over our bed and see if it just might fit. Must resist temptation...think about crunches, not Nestle's but abs. Think about difficult workouts, must not think on...there it's gone. Only now I am thinking of several books I saw at Barnes and Noble the other day. I think they would really like to come stay with me a little while. I am reading a great non fiction book right now, Rebel Deb, the account of one young woman's fall from cotillion grace into her own brand of debutanting. Very funny too!
I'm having too much fun and way more adventure now in trying to buy clothes. My brain still has trouble getting around the fact that the body it is housed in is smaller. A couple of weeks ago I was trying on some stuff and brought a skirt into the dressing room. It was long enough but bunched up funny around the waist. I bravely left the safe confines of the dressing room and went to ask the sales associate what I was doing wrong. Well, to start with, the skirt was really a strapless sundress and that cummerbund of a waistline was really supposed to be around my Betty's. made the excuse that I dern't no any better or Betty's because they don't have stuff like this in the plus size dept, which is where I have spent the majority of my adult life shopping. Come on, be kind, don't hate. Well, really no one hated, we all laughed. I'm way more careful now when I'm picking out skirts.


Hey, hanging on a hanger it looks way different than when it is on a person. Just sayin'.

Took Mustang Sally for a bath today. Lots less people at the car wash on Monday. Even vacuumed out all the yellow pollen covering the backseat. It is one of those beautiful days to be out and about in a convertible.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Night, Just Buddy and Me...and of Course the Lord

Whoa, a Friday evening by myself. That hasn't happened since Roy came home from his mission trip. It's not like I am looking for Friday nights alone and of course there was that time in my life when a Friday night at home was a death knell. Those days were long, long ago. Actually, this is the first Rice baseball game that Roy has been able to make all season. He looked so cute driving off in Mustang Sally, top down. Of course I was happy to appreciate that, not actually being in the car with him. His driving scares me. Apparently it has no affect on him whatsoever.

I am also using our laptop which has returned from Micro Center with a new keyboard and battery. Keyboard under warranty, no. Roy picked it up Monday night before going to workout. Of course every day he has been asking me, have you used the laptop yet? I am using it and sitting right next to the big screen and faster computer but now I can say, why yes I have.

Loved Project Runway last night. Seth Arron had great designs but for over all work during the season Emilio should probably have won. But it's like law school and passing the bar. Very little of what you learn in law school is on the bar exam. This was a good season much better than the last one in LA.

I was on emergency driver stand by this afternoon but fortunately, my services were not needed.

I'm loving my continuing study of the life of Elijah. There is so much for us in his story. He even copped an attitude which now makes me understand the verse in James 5, where Elijah was a person just like us. We are going to look at his life and some lessons from his life at the admin retreat in a couple of weeks. Beginning to fine tune and get everything I am hearing from the Lord processed.

So today it was like Christmas because of all the packages that were delivered today. I've mentioned before that we are starting on ground zero for clothes, since nothing fits anymore. Today was a milestone, Ebenezer type day. I actually fit in some size 12 shorts that I ordered. All the reviews said, runs large, order a size smaller. Almost didn't do that and today in front of the mirror I stood amazed and in disbelief that I was wearing a size 12. I cannot tell you long it has been since size 12 days...could be back in the same days of not wanting to be at home on a Friday night... I've kind of plateaued right now on 109 lost pounds but so happy my blood glucose has been like 110 in the mornings. In January it was 523. So on Tuesday morning, I go for labs and blood work, then a little stop at Buffalo Grill and then to a massage, not with Stacey. Don't know how I will like this but once Stacey and I get back on track schedule wise, that will be good.

Well, that's about it. Roy is emailing me from the ballpark and it doesn't look good for Rice. The game is just in the second inning. I began reading the new book we got on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Oh, looking so forward to our trip in May.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

So Much to Pray Over but God Knows

Roy has gone to work out. We just finished dinner and I'm also doing laundry. Just one more week of Bible study in Katy. This is one of those things that has been such a delight and surprise. We have such a great group and we have really bonded. It will be sad to say goodbye for the summer but we'll see each other in September. Actually in August, but off the top of my head I don't know a see you in August song. We all wish we could be in the same group again, but that isn't likely to happen. Our group was usually the last of the stragglers to come in for lecture. We even got a second call today to get into large group time but I hope the semi rude woman who didn't look before speaking because we were all together in one accord praying for our friend who had suffered a tremendous loss, felt a little bad for being, you know, semi rude. It wasn't until I got home and read the prayer list email that on top of such a loss, her husband's job ended yesterday and that was quite shocking news for them to begin to process on top of everything else. My heart just aches for my friend tonight.

This week I have heard that several friends or their spouses have lost their jobs. Maybe the recession isn't as over as we are being told.

Two Bunko buddies have been dealing with either unexpected illness and surgery for a family member and the other with untimely death of two family members from a car accident.

If I thought I there wasn't enough to pray over, that would be so wrong.

Our friends stranded in London arrived home today! We watched their return on the news. Ah tears of joy for safe travel and their return earlier than anticipated. Most thought they would be flying home on Saturday.

Our lesson today was Habakkuk. The first two chapters are full of questions to God. He can't believe that God is going to use the Babylonians to humble Jerusalem. The third chapter is full of praise to God, knowing even if the fig tree doesn't blossom and everything else he lists out, his choice is to praise God. He gives strength and He is faithful and loving. Oh I am so glad that today we studied Habakkuk because this book is addressed to God, not people. It is almost like we get a glimpse into his prayer journal. Don't know about you, but mine has a lot of questions and once I've tired of writing it all out, I come back to who God is and His grace. Really, who am I to question? One of our questions today was what question would we like to ask God? I've always said that when I get to heaven I want to ask God why He didn't make our arms better coordinated to do the back of our hair? I'm sure that is something I won't even care about upon arriving in heaven. One other thing I shared was when Roy had been laid off and he was going through a whole bunch of interviews. He had interviewed with Stanford Financial. The salary was great and I remember telling the Lord that would be a perfect job for Roy. Even when Roy had a job, a job he loved and was so blessed by, I would drive on Westheimer and see the Stanford Financial building and say to God, that was a great job. I don't know why it wasn't for Roy. Well, uh, now we know all about Stanford Financial and of course my tune has changed. Thank you Lord for not listening to my repeated suggestions and complaints that went on way too long after the fact.

If you happen to remember any of these friends during the days ahead, I'd ask that you remember to bring them to the Lord prayerfully. Thank you and it is much appreciated.

Monday, April 19, 2010

POJ and Job, Surely There Has to Be Some Good Ideas

Do you remember all the fuss over the prayer of Jabez back in the day. Everyone had at least two copies of the book given to them as gifts and merchandising went totally and completely nuts. You couldn't walk into a Christian bookstore without being bombarded by POJ shower curtains, underwear, umbrellas, salt and pepper shakers, dishes,lampshades, rugs, and everything that one could think of, to be all Prayer of Jabez. You could decorate just about every room in your home with this stuff. People went nuts. Our crazy Sunday School teacher, not Dena but one who has returned to Second, did a whole stinking series on the prayer and she had to add something about earth, wind and fire to it. I couldn't help but sing, Do you remember the 21st night of September, You Don't Have to be a Star Baby to be in my show to her but crazy teacher didn't have a clue I was singing songs from the legendary group Earth, Wind and Fire. She taught on this right before the craze hit, so I was tired of it already by the time all the hype hit the stores. Nothing had been this big since WWJD. I kind of think home decor merchandisers that cater to Christians are waiting for another biggie like POJ to hit the scene. Certainly it would help with the recession. Well, I think I might have a really good idea for them but don't know quite how it would work.

Seems like many friends are going through the season of Job right now. Lots of afflictions and friends giving them bad advice. Trying to walk through difficult seasons and looking for God's presence in all of it. I need to sit down and think about this and try to come up with some catchy corny junk. My new life verse is Job 6:6, is tasteless food eaten without salt or is there flavor in the white of an egg? I leave you with Mississippi Mass Choir singing one of my all time favs.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Re-cap ala Monablog Style

What was a rainy afternoon has turned into a pretty spring afternoon. I really need to go workout but I'm taking the chance while having it to update the ole blog. To say that Roy loves this new computer isn't saying enough. He is able to get a lot of work done at home now and he is having too much fun finding out all the neat capabilities of this baby. Personally, I love the touch screen capabilities of the new computer. Much easier to play games. He watched The Blind Side on it Friday night. The picture is really great. I didn't realize he had gotten Blue Ray on it. So computer time when Roy is home is slim to none. He went to workout and then pick up dinners from My Fit Foods. We are a divided home when it comes to workout facilities. He goes to 24 Hour Fitness and I go to Lifetime.

I love our new chairs we ordered in January just about as much or maybe even more than Roy loves the new computer. I need to take pictures of the chairs and post them. On Friday night while Roy watched the Blind Side, I was sitting in the glider reading Greater Love, the new book by Robert Whitlow. Since Friday, I've spent a lot of time in that chair. I went to Bible study Thursday morning but didn't stay for lecture. I was on my way home when Scott called and said they were running early on deliveries and could they come in about 30 minutes. Of course and to insure that I made great time on the freeway, I jumped onto the Easy Tag lane and zipped home. It was raining but miraculously stopped right when everything arrived. It is a ding donged dang pain to have deliveries here. So much red tape but as I told Scott, it used to be so much worse! They got the chairs in and delivered. It was really nice meeting Jennifer's husband. He is just so nice! Good man you have there Jennifer! Anyway, after we visited a few minutes about the lack of any easy ability to have an easy and stress free delivery here (oh sounded all like having a baby there for a minute) I teased Scott and told him I was going to go back over there and order some big old hutch for delivery. The color drained out of his face. I see that Amish Craftsman is having a sale on dinner tables. I might have to make a little look see at the store this week. We have been discussing getting a new dinning room table and chairs...and maybe even a hutch. You know we need a hutch to display the china that looks like a 23 year old picked it out. Jennifer, don't tell Scott. :)

Thursday evening I drove over to see where Lisa P works in Rice Village. It was a wonderfully cool evening, so I went in Mustang Sally, top down. Hers not mine. It is nice to be able to place where Lisa works when she talks about work.

Yesterday morning, Roy and I went for brunch at the Pappasita's on I-10. Oh my, it was so delicious! We were the only people for the longest time and we laughed at those who were standing in line for 59 Diner or Buffalo Grille or La Peep. What could be better eating? Chips and salsa, pecan pancakes, eggs and jalapeno sausage. After breakfast, we waddled out to the car and went to Academy to look at shoes for Roy. Of course, I found shoes, not Roy. We went to the Home Goods store and Pier One. We got home around 1:00. I was shocked that time had gone by so quickly but we really had a very fun morning.

Last night I tried Tasti Delite. I had read about it on Amanda's blog, nope on Living Proof's Blog... Anyway, went to the store in the Galleria area. Oh my, so very good! What a treat! Love that it is so close to us and when I'm craving something sweet, it's just a few miles away. It has been easier than in the past to say no to cookies and cake but ice cream or frozen yogurt has always been difficult. My serving of French Vanilla and strawberries was just about 100 calories. I had been to dinner and shopping with a friend in the late afternoon. We ate at Grand Lux and saying no to their desserts had to be struggled with way before I entered Grand Lux. That conversation and decision was made at home. That is something I have learned while losing weight, I have to make up my mind beforehand about what I will be eating, not in the heat of an emotional moment with temptation screaming at me in a restaurant.

Today's sermon was so good. Sometimes when the sermon touches on marriage, you kind of feel guilty that maybe you aren't being all you can be. We both got through this one OK. The only time I had to look at Roy and smile was about hearing the same story several times and knowing the ending but having the solution. I patted Roy's hand. He is a good listener and bless him, he hears some of my stories several times, from different points of view while I am processing the information. When we were first married, he would interrupt and tell me the solution to the whole ordeal. Yea, that went over really well. Since I was feeling a little light headed this morning, I didn't sing in choir. Wow, the choir sounded awesome! Roy and I had lunch at The Nord because I had some clothes to return. Sad to see them go back to the store but they are just too big and couldn't justify keeping them. While we were eating I got a text and then a call from Peggy. They were home! They stayed an extra four days in Israel, so they didn't get stuck in London with the rest of the group. It was so good to hear her voice and I can't wait to see pics and hear stories. When we came home, I headed for a nap. And now on the computer. Guess if I want my new clothes to keep fitting, I need to go workout.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Monablog 2007

Seems like everyone is writing a book or has a website or has a full calendar of speaking dates. Well, I'm not participating with any of those things but I did receive something today that belongs in the genre of writing. Today the 2007 edition of Monablog came. Had a soft cover edition made. I didn't do too much editing for 2007 but will edit more for 2008 and 2009. It has been a lot of fun reading through all those 2007 posts. Since it was all so new back then, the posts are much more poignant than those of recent writing. Last year I let a comment affect the direction of Monablog. It was made by someone I've met but doesn't know me very well, if at all. So, I being so mature, just went opposite of what they suggested, disregarded their observation of my recent shallowness and I never published their comment. But in the long run, I went a different direction because so many blogs that used to be fun to read were becoming a running Bible study lesson. Not that I don't like the Word and reading what others want to share, but it has become this thing of, this is what the Lord showed me 20 minutes ago and my panties were all in a bunch because I could not post this fast enough. Maybe that Word was for just them and maybe, just maybe God would like them to meditate just a little bit before expounding on a blog. I digress, anyway I'll begin working on the 2008 edition just leaving in posts that have some meaning. This is a great companion to journals. Journals are for writing and praying out the tough stuff. Hardly do I ever sit and write down all the fun cause fun needs an audience.

Also got some exciting news today from the Amish furniture store. Our chairs are here and are ready to be delivered. So, they will be delivered around 2:00 tomorrow. Jennifer, I will get to formally meet your husband. GPS doesn't work in finding our home. GPS will send you close to the Houstonian or Stablewood (I wish). Then the condo has all kinds of rules about checking in etc... so I am sure the guy who called thinks I am some kind of detail and control nut. I just know how this works from a lot of experience.

I've officially lost 109 pounds. A few more and I will have lost Peggy. Think I have already lost Kelly Matte a long time ago. I'm so glad that strawberries and blackberries are coming into season. The nectarines from Chile were becoming kind of boring to me. Then bananas and apples are the back up staples of fruitdom here. Roy has discovered Korean pears and Onco Blancos or something like that. Neither of those peak my interests.

It was so much fun to run into Susan K yesterday. We do love some books. We were trading titles and stories so fast that I need to email her and ask that she repeat all the titles she was telling me about. They all sounded good. I'm reading Greater Love by Robert Whitlow. I have loved it so far but today I hit the part of the story that I don't like the direction it is going. Of course after completing the book, I might feel differently. Since it stung so hard maybe God is trying to get my attention about some things in my own heart.

Last night my dizzy and vertigo affected friend and I went out for dinner. I volunteered to bring her something but she was in the mood to get out and about. Our choice for our dining pleasure, seafood. Had shrimp gumbo...beefsteak tomatoes with spinach and feta cheese, and boiled shrimp. We split everything but the gumbo. Very delicious. We had emailed during the day and right before going to workout with Debbie, Vera Vertigo sent an email with our dinner conversation agenda. I had asked so many questions that if we didn't have a guide, we would have never covered everything. I love having such an organized friend. Yesterday, was a day filled with seeing friends. Not that I have blind friends and I would welcome a blind friend, it's just re-reading that sentence I realized how incorrect it was grammatically. Hmm, maybe I'm the dizzy one.

Monday, April 12, 2010

And Now a Word from......

Another beautiful day here in H-Town. When Roy called around 11:20 asking me if his meds were here and if so could I bring them to him downtown, I checked in the cabinet and told him I would be downtown in a jiff. Great top down weather.

Yesterday, we went to Pappasita's for brunch. We went to church but skipped out on Sunday School. I know we call it Sunday Bible Study, but heck it doesn't sound so bad when one writes skipping Sunday School. Roy ordered the pancakes and they were the lightest, fluffiest pancakes I've ever tasted. And triple score, they were pecan pancakes. I went with my usual migas but dang, next time it will be the pancake breakfast for sure. Don't know about other Pappasita's but the one on I-10 serves them on Saturday and Sunday. Next time you're looking for breakfast out on a weekend, give them a try. Our waitress told us they aren't busy on Saturday mornings. Oh, they open at 9:30. I'm thinking we might have to make a Saturday breakfast run this weekend.

On Friday evening we made a return trip to the land of sugar. Back to Super Target for another rug runner. We looked at Memorial City but they didn't have the style. Love those 10% discount days.

Finished a couple of books this weekend and love the feeling of having another stack to go through. Started the new Robert Whitlow book this afternoon. It was difficult to put down and go work out with Debbie. I had to miss both workouts last week with her due to the A/C guy and his schedule. On Saturday I stuck very close to home. Had a couple of showers to attend, but with a change in some of my meds and supplements, I knew I needed to stick close to home. So glad I did. I'll get gifts to the intended soon.

Sunday evening I went to workout at Lifetime. When I returned to the car in the parking garage there was the noise of an engine roaring, horns honking and just some general chaos. Stuff like that makes me a tad bit nervous. The engine sounded like a souped up motorcycle or sports car. I could only imagine some thugs or something challenging people in the parking garage. As I sat in my car and prepared to leave, I saw what was making all that terrible and intimidating noise. It was some kid reviving up the motor on a suburban, probably his mother's and probably burning up the engine as he race around the parking garage, in the wrong direction. I put the top down and prepared to leave. Coming up to me was a security officer, on a bike. He asked if I was the one creating all the commotion? Now, he probably felt a little silly when he realized he had a 55 year old woman sitting there, with the Carpenter's playing in the background. No garage cop, it's some kid in his mom's suburban and he went that a way! Thank you mam, didn't mean to disturb you. Me-no disturbance taken. Good luck on catching them on that I didn't say the last part but I sure was thinking it.

Well, that's about it for the day.

Friday, April 9, 2010

New Computer-What a Difference

Roy has been back and forth on getting a new computer. Our lemon laptop has been quite disappointing, to say the least. HP, maker of lemon laptop, sent an advertising email about new products not even in the store yet. So, we gave them another try and so far so good. Even all the stuff Roy has transferred over and off a back up hard drive has been flawless. He has in the past done this kind of thing when I'm out and about because Nancy with no patience can't take all the drama involved. I don't know if he has put my email on here yet because I really can't find it. No prob, been adding favorite blogs to Favorites and getting on FaceBook. The screen is HUGE! I can see! Working with photos is going to be a lot more fun. Bigger keyboard, yep and it is much easier on the hands and wrists. Lemon laptop is still under warranty, so it is going back in the shop for an overhaul. Roy should be home soon and he will chase me off the computer but I wanted to get on for just a bit.

Today was time well spent out in the Land of Sugar. Of course, great haircut by Stevie. A quick trip into Whole Foods. Lots of time spent in Super Target because of a 10% coupon I had. Great deals where plentiful. Found a rug on clearance and a runner too. Then to the Christian book store. Found a few things. Then to Academy and Cost World of whatever that place is called. Found a great picture for our bedroom there. It will add some color and cheer to the palette of the bedroom. I was in the Land of Sugar much longer than usual, but it was a very fun outing.

Candie called yesterday. Who is Candie? Well, she is the lucky person who now works with Jason. She replaced me last year when I retired. Anyway, she asked me to do the devotion for the Admin retreat in May. I am really excited about doing this. I made sure I didn't have to be there at 8:00 am. Kind of out of practice for that.

Roy just called and he is pulling in now. Better jump off and hand over the computer.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh Beauty That is Houston on a Spring Day

It has been an absolutely beautiful day. Cooler temps with a breeze, even had the top down as I ran errands today. Although early on, I also had some heat blasting out the vents to make the coolness tolerable. Peggy introduced me to some easy to assemble salads at Kroger's. The spinach one is very much like my Amuse salad. Kroger was out of them, the stock boy even went to the back to check.

Finding something to wear right now is difficult. It's as if I am starting out from scratch. I've been fortunate that I have caught several good sales and today I made a careful investment in some Flax tops and jackets. As much as I dislike math, it is like a math problem deciding on what size to buy to get the most wear of an item. That is why I purchased Flax today. It will be fine for size changes coming up. The other penurious thing I've done is buy some belts to make bigger tops fit. There are several more bags of clothes waiting to go to the Mission Training Center or Goodwill. OK, great highlight to my afternoon. Coming home I was driving kind of slow on the feeder road. I had a guy on a revved up scooter behind me and I didn't want to make him mad with a couple of lane changes I had to make due to a stopped truck. I quickly went back into my original lane so he could get by me. I feel that he is coming up beside my car and he's honking his horn. I looked over and it was Jerrell Altic. Loved it! Thanks Jerrell, made my day!

Finally, after a two and a half day wait, the A/C guys made it here yesterday. I prefer Roy to be here when workmen come a calling but with everyone getting Tuesday off for the funeral, quarter close is barreling down on them. The guys who fixed everything were really nice but I'm not going to stand there and talk...ask questions...comment on the nature of the beast etc... like Roy does. I calmly came into the den/office and looked at clothes on J.Jill and only talked when I was spoken to.

On the way to meet Cassi for lunch yesterday, I saw something I won't forget for awhile. I took the scenic, back way to La Fiesta. Along one street a nanny was pushing an empty stroller with a little girl holding onto it and pushing it with her. They stopped in front of some beautiful flowers and the nanny was doing her best to get the little girl to go look at the flowers. The little girl had no interest in the beauty about her, she was more interested in her belly button. She had her little top pulled up and she was bending over trying to get a much better look at her belly button. Of course she had her fingers in there and so her belly button was completely covered. Again, she was asked to go look at the flowers and she was more determined with her vigorous head shaking indicating NO! She stood there in the midst of all that spring time beauty immersed into the qualities of her belly button. I laughed and went on but in my spirit I heard the Lord speak, not so funny, you do things like this all the time when I'm trying to get you to look at all I have for you. You're like the little girl, not interested in seeing My hand cause you've got your hand and eyes on your belly button. Well, that got my attention. Thanks Lord! I want to see where you are so I will be there too, not missing a thing You have to show or speak.

I'm being the good wifey pooh and picking up Roy from the office tonight. Think we will grab some din din and then come home. He has to have a root canal in the morning, while I get to go to the land of Sugar for a hair cut....and some Super Target...and some Whole Foods....and maybe a little stop at Academy.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

God Honoring, God Glorifying- One Man's Life

I have just a few minutes because I need to get ready to meet Casi for lunch but I wanted to get my thoughts down about yesterday. We went to the memorial service for Dan Duncan. Lots of Enterprise Product folks had the same idea we had, go early to Second Baptist, get a parking spot and then walk over to Cafe Express for lunch. The paper said this morning that over 3000 were in attendance. The 3000 heard the Gospel yesterday. I believe the DVD of that service could be sent out and used to teach and many would come to know the Lord. Dr. Young was impressive as always but Jan Duncan, the widow of Dan, gave the eulogy and she knocked that baby out of the park! Wow! Neither Roy nor I had a pen because if we'd had one, we would have been taking notes. She emphasised that we are God's love to those He has put into our lives and that we need to use those gifts God has given us to express His love so that others may know Him. She said to give or to be giving is put into each one of us by the Lord and if we have trouble being generous with our lives, time and money, we have handicapped our hearts. Jan quoted from her favorite book, Conversations with God frequently throughout her talk. The music, just everything was so God honoring and glorifying. I think I am still trying to process all that I heard yesterday in that service.

Afterwards in the reception with the family we were able to see so many friends. I was on a very focused hunt to find Dub and Mary. I played tennis with Mary and her sister Marti. Dub retired from Enterprise several years ago as the CEO. The country life is agreeing with them, they both looked rested and refreshed. In 1999 on a girl's night away, I was sitting on the porch at their ranch house in Brenham, early in the morning, the dew and mist covered the rolling valleys. Only Mary and I were awake and we shared conversation and coffee that morning. Mary went back to the kitchen to bring us more coffee and in those moments alone, I prayed for Roy, who had just been laid off. Actually, this story really begins in the summer of '99. Roy was on a huge project and he called to vent frustrations over progress or maybe lack of progress. I told him, shut it down, come on home and let's go out to eat. We did just that and we had dinner at Escalante's, where Dub and Mary had just been seated. We all had dinner together and Roy and Dub talked about the implementation project he was on. Of course Mary and I talked of much more interesting things. Well to us, anyway, back to the story, when Mary got home from the ranch she mentioned Roy to Dub. She talked about his upcoming interviews in Long Island and San Francisco. The rest of the story is history, good history, and Roy certainly has been blessed. But I love those divine appointments that God has. And to even top it off, the divine appointments were fun.

We also ran into Linwood and John Olson. I played tennis with Linwood and we share the love of Southern fiction together. She is the epitome of the Southern lady. John is one of the first analysts that recognized the problems with Enron. We were able to visit with them a little. We saw the mover and shakers of the city and state, in law, in medicine and in business at the reception. There were others there like us, nobodies, but having the same respect and admiration of a humble, hardworking and honest man. Rest in peace Dan Duncan, well done thou good and faithful servant.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter After Glo

Monday morning after Easter. I must admit to being a little tired today but yesterday was so much, well just so much of everything Easter. The choir sang in all three services yesterday and it was such a special way of worshipping the Risen King of Kings! Loved hearing Pastor Gregg's sermon three times. No really! But Easter celebrations began that morning reading all the accounts in the Gospels of Easter while eating breakfast. The most important meal and reading of the day. When I got home after the second service, Roy had lunch ready and it was delicious. Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, a gumbo style mix of veggies, Texas caviar and strawberries and whipped cream for dessert. Such deliciousness sent me to nap time a very happy girl. Roy and I realized at lunch this is the first year we have not had any Easter candy, at all. Guess in hindsight that's what we gave up for lent.

Thursday evening Roy and I went out to dinner, and then to Memorial City Mall to look for a dress I could wear to a funeral. The dress also needed to be able to multi task and serve for other things. We found one at Dillard's. I didn't even try it on, I was worn out. Funny how an emotional subject from the past can do that. Peggy and I were recalling at lunch a trip I had taken years ago that didn't end well with me and the "friend" I went with. Now looking back with older eyes I can see it differently. But that emotional look back drained me. Like my therapist says, emotions take energy. That conversation was not something I saw coming but I'm glad it did since it helped facilitate a more honest look back at a particularly stressful trip and time. Oh, I did try the dress on Saturday and it fits. That is more than I can say for the one I wore on Sunday. Way too big! Didn't matter, I was covered up in a choir robe most of the morning.

Roy's weekend was consumed by taxes, by ours, his mother's, the estate and his last client. Ours were particularly difficult this year, but he got them done. Roy also graciously helped me move our dresser to another spot in our bedroom. Looks so much better in its new place. I didn't even start laughing because laughing is what I do when moving furniture. Now, when we moved the cedar chest, he brought home from his mother's, that is when the laughter started. It wasn't too bad because the cedar chest is light and can be moved while laughing hysterically.

So this morning finds me waiting at home, for an A/C guy and for a new computer to be delivered. I had wanted to go to see Lisa P at work, but that doesn't look like that is going to happen today. Just talked to my mom and wished her a Happy 81 Birthday and I need to call CourtneyS and wish her a Happy Birthday too.

Happy and glorious Easter Monday y'all!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Letting Go

Roy will be home in just a little bit and thus his three day weekend will begin. It sounds like most of his "off" time will be spent doing our taxes, his last client from his CPA practice taxes and his mother's estate taxes. See what happens when you are so darn smart! You get to do math while your lovely wife reads or yet again cleans out the closet of clothes she can no longer wear.

It is difficult letting go of some of my favorite outfits, but it is heartening to know that someone else may love them just as much as I have. I wandered around Macy's on Tuesday trying to figure out where everything is and there were several tops and jackets deeply discounted on sale that had my name on them. Now I need to find something to wear to a funeral. No longer do I have my stand by funeral dress, it is too big. Besides, it has been my funeral dress for the past 10 plus years and when you only see people every once in awhile and it seems to be at funerals, it would be nice to vary up the outfits. Now there are those who will say, no one remembers what you had on. So true, maybe...but I'd feel better attending a funeral where I have to be Mrs. Monarch not just Nancy in something other than a dress that can now be used as a FEMA tent for a family of six. Fortunately, I don't have to worry about a new Easter frock. Three services in a choir robe. I could come in my jammies if I arrived early enough and stayed late enough. Not to fear. I'll be suitably dressed for Sunday.

We discussed and studied the books Obadiah and Nahum in Bible study today. I felt certain I had done much more of the homework than what my workbook actually revealed. During my "study" time at home, several crisis' came up one of which was helping Roy download pictures onto the computer. I got so caught up with that, thus memory failed an hour or so later that just a few of the many questions had been answered. Imagine my surprise when I opened up the workbook this morning in discussion time and just a few questions had been answered. OK, I answered the easy ones where the answer is God and the other easy one is about sin and you can't go wrong with the answer, pride. Pride seems to cover a multitude of sin answers for homework. All the hard ones that required a lot more scripture look up and deeply thought out answers were left blank. Peggy said, you were kind of quiet in discussion time. I showed her my workbook and that seemed to answer her question. Afterwards, Peggy and I went out to lunch. We are so ADD we cover a lot of subjects in little time. Now how well we cover them is up for debate. Her life is a whirlwind of activities and in the midst of birthday parties, Easter and just regular everyday life, she is trying to get packed for Israel.

The Biltmore Inn is probably tired of me and might just be preparing for our visit with the stamp of "high maintenance" on our paperwork. Anyway, it seems everything has now been updated correctly. I am only a detailed person when it is actually something I am interested in.

This week the pollen finally got to me. It has been a battle but think a corner has been turned in the fight. The hinges of Mustang Sally's doors are covered in yellow...hinges that aren't always exposed to the elements. All of our lungs are probably a lovely shade of springy yellow. How wonderful, just in time for Easter.