Sunday, January 27, 2013


Well it's a new day out here on the prairie.  The fog didn't materialize and we are enjoying March temperatures in January. 

We met our neighbor who lives behind us yesterday.  A purple football accidentally came over the fence and into our yard.  So the father and son had come to retrieve it.  They were very nice but their English was limited.  They are from India.  So a mission field just over the fence instead of across the world.  Earlier in the week I found a tennis ball on the patio and since I didn't take this as a sign from God to start playing tennis again, I threw the ball back over the fence taking a guess from the angle it landed to which yard to return it to. 

After months and months of research of iPads, tablets and small lap tops we finally made our decision and purchase yesterday.  It came down to what I really wanted the device to provide and we went with the small lap top.  I have a Nook that I love and an iPhone, so I couldn't see getting an iPad when writing was the main reason for a purchase.  So, I have a new lap top.  Learning how to use Windows 8 and where everything is hasn't been very easy.  In fact Roy sent me out while he loaded the computer because nothing ever goes right when it comes to computer set up.  My thinking is turn it on, it should be ready to go.  So, I went to Brookwood.  Easter decor is up and available for purchase which I did.  Christmas is 75% off so we might go back today and look at a couple of outdoor decorations that we had considered paying full price for in December.   When I got home Roy seemed a bit frustrated with the whole process which is a complete surprise because he is so detail oriented and tedious jobs do not aggravate him at all.  We had planned on grilling out last night but because of the frustrations we opted for Mooyah hamburgers and sweet potato fries. 

It was MS 150 training yesterday and a lot of roads were blocked off for bike use and intersection traffic patterns controlled by law enforcement.  I needed to get over to old Katy to Katy Art and Frame.  I took several things over there last week and the one piece that means so much to me from Megan and Erin, well, the framing I had picked had been discontinued, so I went back and picked something else.  While on that side of the tracks and with all the bike traffic, I stopped in at K T Antiques and found a ornamental metal piece that will fit in with the piece we bought in Franklin, TN for our bedroom wall. 

So far so good.  I haven't been called by the Cardiologist office to reschedule my appointment on Monday.  There is usually one rebook at least.  I am eager to go because I learned something on the trip to Israel, my parameters to move and exist are far too constraining.  I didn't realize how much activity has been cut from life in order to feel better in doing nothing.  My sense of balance is not better like I had believed pre-trip.  Fatigue still dogs my steps at the least little exertion out of the normal.  I can feel my heart really trying to work hard and then really trying to go back out of rhythm.  It is an exhausting process and when that is added to the fact that most meds I am on slow me down considerably, it seems to me it is time for a change.  On top of all this I cannot get my knees worked on until the old ticker is doing much better.  Because of all the heart meds, I cannot take any pain pills.  Physically, it has been a drag but spirit wise, my attitude and approach to life is very optimistic.  I have read much more than usual and the time of silence and thought has been welcomed. 

The Wonderstruck challenge today is Letter.  We are to write a letter of gratitude to God.  Happy to do so.

Hebrews homework is calling and I've been avoiding the call.  Guess I'd better take it.  Happy Sunday!

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Margaret Feinberg said...

Nancy, how cool that you had the opportunity to minister to your neighbor!