Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wonderstruck Challenge-Relationship

Buddy is a very funny cat and for a cat that doesn't like any change on our part, she is full of change on her part.  Every couple of weeks we have to find her new hiding spot and we have to be very discreet about it or she will up and find a new one.  She has some habits that don't change, sitting in front of her food and water dish when she wants a treat, crawling onto my lap during the day if her paws are cold and on my arm if her paws are cold in the middle of the night.   She goes to her sunny spot in the mid morning and her hiding spot of late is on a blanket under our bed.Everything else she does is subject to change.  Right now her habit is wanting in the shower after one of us has taken a shower.  I didn't think that cats liked water. 

I had a Baylor dream last night.  Throughout the years I will dream I'm preparing to go to Baylor or I am attending Baylor.  The dreams vary from year to year.  Maybe I dreamed about going to Baylor last night because I watched the movie Rebbecca yesterday and the first line of the movie is, "last night I dreamed of Mandalay."The gist of the dream last night was, my father said he would let me attend Baylor and I was to give him the bill.  (in these dreams I am always the age that I really am in real life)  I had only registered for classes and hadn't paid any other fees or bought books.  I knew that my father would be quite upset at the cost and he would renege on his promise.  I fretted and worried in the dream because I knew the rug was going to be pulled out from under me.  Then Roy, like that segway, told me (still in the dream) why are you letting your father do this when you know I'd pay for you to go to Baylor in a heartbeat and you would go in style.  I woke up very pleased with the outcome of the dream.  Maybe I had the dream because of our discussion of Hebrews 9:16-18 and the example of a will and it only goes into effect when someone dies.  Someone in our group mentioned that having a will and providing for loved ones was such an act of immense love and that statement pierced me.  Throughout they years my father has held his will, both literally and figuratively, over our heads.  Bottom line is, he loves his money more than he loves his family and wants to control life from beyond the grave.  His money is his identity and the passion of his life. His threats and retracted promises no longer interest me but when we discussed wills and God's love, it caused a little burst of recognizing the sad truth of my father's life. 

So all of the above is to get to this; the Wonderstruck challenge yesterday was relationships. 

Wonder Challenge: Recognizing the person who is special to you, upload a photo, phrase, or shout out of love to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or your blog. Don’t forget to tag your friend and use hashtag #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK

I am so thankful for my husband Roy.  He is thoughtful (mostly), funny, generous, and compassionate.  His desire is always to walk in God's love and glorify God living out his daily life.  I am sorry that early on in our marriage I didn't appreciate these qualities and that I was more interested in winning the argument of the month, day, or moment.  He is a plan man and when one is not really a plan woman, you appreciate that he is thinking ahead.  He has goals and I am happy to report that my getting him to quit asking me what my goals are has finally been accomplished.  He knows I have them, don't like talking about them.  His love has made me a better person.  He is one of the smartest people I know.  He doesn't complain when I snore, wish I could say the same but I have a feeling my snores are cute and petite, not the loud rumblings he can produce.  He has had to take on a lot since my illness that began in 2008.  He is wonderful and I love him and I am so thankful for him.  My therapist once told me that I didn't make the mistake that most women can make, I didn't marry a man who is like my father.  She said many women do and they are looking for approval from the "type" of man their father is.  Early on, I knew that approval is never coming from him, so move on.  I am so glad I did, move on and meet the love of my life at Pennzoil in downtown Houston. 

I am also so thankful for friends.  God has always given me the best friends and all that they bring to life.  Where would I be without their love, counsel, laughter, wisdom and joy? 

And I will end where I began, Buddy.  She is one loved kitty.  Buddy came into our lives, even when we all thought she was a boy, at the right time.  She is a delightful cat, still full of whimsy, but I am ever so thankful that she requires even more sleep now that she is older. 

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