Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Quick Update

It may look calm and quiet on the outside but this next week the inside of the house will be all abuzz with work going on.  We stopped in to unload the car but before we did that, we walked around looking at the beautiful paint job done by Keith.  I love the yellow we picked for the walls and the gray in Roy's man cave turned out very nice.  Pictures to come later.

Our route was through Atlanta this time because of all the construction and wait times in Tuscaloosa Alabama.   We left home at 4:09 am, stopped in Sulphur for breakfast and I 10 was really not all that bad traffic wise.  We had just crossed into Mississippi and decided to pull into their Welcome Center. Roy was getting a cup of coffee when the lady behind the desk asked us where we were headed.  We told her and she said there had been a big accident about eleven miles down the road.  She told us how to get around it and where to hook back up with the freeway.  So we headed down the road, kind of bummed that we would lose a little bit of time but our grousing came to a quick end when we saw the beautiful view of the gulf along the Mississippi coast line.  We drove through Pass Christian and Gulfport.  White sand beaches, large homes with old southern looks, boats and some very cold looking water.  We needed the break from the dodging in and out of traffic and keeping up the speed to stay in the left lane.  There was a time I would have totally missed out on the drive because I would have been more concerned about how much time being was being added to our time on the road.   Another thing we learned is eat something for lunch before you get past Mobile on I65.  The pickings are slim to none.  We finally found a McDonald's near an Indian casino.   We ate dinner about an hour before our stop in Fairburn, GA.  We arrived about 7:45 pm  and I was asleep by 9:00.

We began our road trip in cold and misty rain this morning.  We were going through Atlanta about 8:30 am and we could not believe how bad the traffic was, that early in the morning!  I thought Houston was bad.  We saw some crazy drivers and some near misses.  Since our breakfast had been kind of bad, when we got to Asheville, we stopped for lunch at one of our favorite places, The Moose Cafe.  Another veggie plate only one of those veggies was chili.  I know, go figure.

Looks like we will have cool temps here this week, but no snow.  That's ok.  It is just a great relief to be back and getting some things taken care of.  The hotel remembered us and gave us a room with a couch in it.  Makes it much more comfortable.

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