Friday, December 26, 2014

A Whole Lot of Working Going On

Good evening.  It has been a full day of work especially for Roy.  In preparation for mattress delivery tomorrow, we put together two twin beds, adjusted our bed and put together the queen bed that the seller left for us.  We had to take it apart to move it to the second guest bedroom and just able to finally get it back together today.  We also tried out the washer and dryer and they work well.  Roy and I take such different approaches to these things.  I'm thinking we should work on the beds that are getting mattresses and Roy is concentrating on the queen bed.  We go down to the garage to look for some scissors or something to cut plastic ties and boxes.  I knew that we brought those things on our last trip and to look in those boxes, but Roy starts looking through the boxes we just brought.  Finally, he believed me and we found the tool case that just happened to have a box cutter in it.  We began to put the twin beds together and other than a few missteps here and there, we were done without an argument or words.  Roy knew we needed to get a big wrench to hold the nut, not me, as the allen wrench tightens the screw.  The little one provided did not do one bit of good.  He looked at the queen bed again and saw we could use some different we headed to Ace, where the helpful hardware man is...and yes, they are always so helpful.  We got the wrench, washers and a few cleaning products.  Then we stopped for lunch at KFC.  They have a great southern buffet and we got the senior discount price.  We weren't old enough but we decided it was Roy's hair and my limping walk that maybe scored the discount for us.  Had some chicken legs with all my veggies.  And there is always room for JELL-O.   We got back to the house and worked till sundown.  We will be back bright and early tomorrow morning.

We stopped at the Post Office to mail some mail to the seller and mail a couple of bills.  Across the way is a huge farm.  Every morning and afternoon the sheep are on the sides of the hills grazing.  This morning while Roy was in the Post Office, I watched the sheep begin their journey up the mountain side.  They have made paths and they go single and double file up to graze.  I watch one sheep wait till all had passed before it went down the hill, on the path, to meet up with some other sheep hanging around.  That group began their journey thereafter on the path. I am so happy to know I can sit in the Post Office parking lot and take in the whole scene.

This morning we had another one of those great spiritual discussions.  Roy was doing his daily Bible reading when he remarked, the NT talks more of helping and taking care of one another more than tithing, yet we hear more about tithing than helping one another.  He also mentioned Col 3 where Paul tells us to put on love over all these other things.  Roy said, we get dressed daily, this means daily.  Don't get us wrong, we give to the church but we are more interested in having a generous life.  Now this brings to mind those who are always on the prowl looking for those they can devour...I mean who can support their ministries more so support their salary.  It is hard to give much thought to that because sometimes you feel like a $ sign and that is all they are interested in...getting someone to support them because the need is constant.  The interest in you and who you are is almost non existent.  Although saying that, our hearts are open to the leading of the Holy Spirit but it has been few if any that we have ever felt led to give in that way.   Oops, I went off on a little bunny trail there, but the point still being, I love listening to Roy talk about his thoughts and his daily readings.  At home it is nothing I get to hear very often cause he is out the door so early during the week.

Roy is getting some much needed rest and I better do the same because I will not want to get up so early.  Our days here will soon be drawing to a close but once again it feels like we have accomplished so much.  Oh by the way, everyone was back in their normal wear at breakfast this morning.  No jammies or anything.  The vampires are still next door but they have been a bit quieter of late.

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