Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Couch Blogging

Good evening!  Greetings from the couch in our room.  Roy has gone down to the fitness center and I just washed my hair.  Another long day, with some setbacks, finished projects, learning of an expense we hadn't really planned on, multiple trips on house business, lots of rain,  Mexican food for dinner (thank you Jesus!) and a Peppermint Blizzard to end the day.

It has been a wild day for sure.  One of the things that I have to balance out time wise is Roy's narrow focused attention without thinking of the big picture and his tendency to be way too early for everything.  Couple that with his early morning energy and go get her done attitude with my tremendous need to ease into the day and there my friends, lies the problem of balance.  This morning Roy ate breakfast as per usual either thinking he is eating in prison or he is reliving his days of growing up with four brothers, this means he is wolfing down his food.  I on the other hand, saunter.  I was just about to stand up to get some yogurt when Roy looked at me and then looked at his watch. OK, I will forgo my yogurt today, but if I get all whacked out with my probiotics being off kilter...well, let it be on your head.  Fancy that, we made it in time to the house to see the contractors already working on the new steps and we had beaten the flooring people.  I dropped Roy off at the house and then took off to Waynesville.  Barber Orchards closes for the season tomorrow at 3:00.  Roy wanted me to get a bushel of apples to take home.  Since I was hitting the road early, I decided to make a quick trip to Mast General Store in Waynesville.  I could have parked in the front but went to the back street and found an easy parking spot.  It was a short trip because back at the house progress had hit a wall.  The hardwoods didn't match as well as everyone thought they would.  We decided to let them take up a couple of boards of what is in the house to match with samples at the store and we would meet up with everyone at the store later to see if anything else that would match.  Roy told me to keep on shopping because the carpet for the upstairs was being laid.  I refrained from commenting about the cow in the field across the road getting...well, never mind.  So, a quick trip to Hazelwood Ave was in store and success, finding a few things for Megan and Erin.  Then I went to several antique stores and warehouse in the area.  Last stop, Barber Orchard.  Funny, I was there in August when they first opened for the season.  Lots of produce and by September, the apples began to show up in the bins.  Apple fritters, turnovers and apple cider donuts made their way home, along with ciders.  The place was busy and chaotic in a good way.  Today, it was kind of sad, just a few bins with  apples and the bakery line was long.  Apple butters  were being boxed up.

The day has been overcast with mist and intermittent rain.  That combination makes the mountains and the clouds meet to make some spectacular views.  All along the drive vintage homes sit snugly in the dips and hills of the mountains.  The smoke pours out from the chimneys.  Animals are crowded around bales of hay.  It just seems right to  be here.

Quite by accident, but then there are no accidents, one of the carpenters noticed some chips of wood that had fallen off the front porch steps.  They began to look at everything and called Roy for a consult.  Treated lumber doesn't last very long up here in the extremes of weather.  Inspecting the support beams, major cracks were found in the wood.  We will have to replace the front porch.  Another expense not planned on yet, we aren't that upset because we can redesign and expand the front porch.  Now that is exciting.  We will extend out and screen in.

After we went back to the flooring store and confirmed the match of a glossier hardwood to match what is in the house, we stopped at the Post Office and rented a PO Box.  We have noticed mail doesn't survive too well on the motorized routes.  Yesterday, we met one of our neighbors, Jennifer and her dog Marilyn.  She lives in the house at the top of the hill and she is the one who owns the horses we can see from our house.  We got a lot of good info from her and she said to get the box at the Alexander Post Office.  Delivery of packages will be much easier to keep track of, the ones that UPS hands off to the USPS.  A quick trip to Lowe's was kind of fun.  We stocked up on some needed items and bought a Dyson vacuum.  We have one at home and love it!  The Dyson's were on sale.  Our house comes with a central vacuum system but it is difficult to use.

We came back to the house.  The carpet guys had left, so we toured the upstairs.  Oh my, the new carpet looks wonderful.  We went with a nylon Berber that almost all the new homes in the area are going with because of ease of care and longevity.  For the first time we kind of put together the corner unit in Roy's man cave.  It looks wonderful!  Friday, we will get everything prepared for mattress delivery on Saturday morning.

So, Roy is back from working out.  He brought back a hot chocky to me.  Relaxing, blogging, calming down from that momentary feeling of being overwhelmed by too many facts and decisions.  We don't have to awake at the crack of dawn.  We will take it easy and maybe do a little shopping with everyone else in the Asheville area.

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