Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wrangling A Little Christmas

Sunday afternoon was quite fun wrangling a trundle bed that did not want to cooperate.  I was out in the casita bedroom and came to the conclusion the day bed needed to be moved.  That would be easy enough, the hindrance the trundle bed underneath.  Since these knees don't bend much, it was nearly impossible to do this alone, so the call to Roy went forth for what I thought would be fifteen minutes of work, tops.  Ha!  It was a major chore pulling the trundle out but we did it and moved the bed only to realize where it was originally was the best place for it.  During the time of pulling out the trundle, we both came dangerously close to hitting our heads on the bottom of a shelf on the wall.  No one wants to hit their head and this one didn't want to have to clean up the mess if said shelf was bumped by her husband who kept forgetting the shelf was there even with fifteen or so warnings from the wife. There would have been some breakage of knick knacks, you know lambs and Nordstrom ornaments.  I wanted to keep our project togetherness without an accident or words in tact, but it just wasn't meant to be this time.

 Once the bed was back in place, we made the executive decision to leave the trundle out and Chris will just have to clean around it Thursday morning.  Now to right the trundle bed which was slightly tilted with one end of the bed higher than the other.  Roy stood there and mentally assessed what needed to be done.  He made several attempts but none worked.  He once again took that 'thinking' pose.  Being the patient person that I am and thinking if we just put it in an upright position with a little force, the bed would right itself, I did just that.  And yes, the bed righted itself only I upset Roy when I did that.  He wasn't upset like a macho upset, let me be the man, no he was upset because he knew when I righted the bed by picking it up and placing it down forcefully, health wise, I shouldn't have done it.  He may or may not have said a cuss word and went out to the courtyard.  As an aside, back in the day if he was mad at me or we were both perturbed with each other, I wouldn't let him leave the house to go outside and walk it off because I had a serious case of abandonment issues due to the actions of my father while growing up.  I had been left at malls to search for a new family because he didn't want me anymore, he faked called, I think it was fake, the orphanage to come pick up my brother and me, packed suitcases and left us at night making us think we had to fend for ourselves and dropped me off on the side of the road with instructions to find my own way home or find a new home.  Therapy and thousands of dollars later, I let Roy go outside to cool off and didn't think for one second he would leave.  Over the years abandonment has become less and less prevalent but it can rear its head at the strangest times.  Roy came back in, we both apologized and went on with the process at hand...process and progress are always good to go hand in hand.  We are both so happy we decided to go with twin beds in one of the bedrooms in NC instead of the trundle bundle thing...  Thursday after Chris leaves, we will make the beds and be ready for Christmas guests.

Roy asked me to fix my spaghetti, so we had spaghetti for dinner last night, along with salad and pretzel rolls.  Ah yes, taking a gourmet cooking class from one of the Carabba's  years ago has paid off over the years.  The Greek cooking class from one of the Pappa's, not so much.

It seems everyone is head over heels in love with all the Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel.  Not me, haven't watched one.  Just in the recent years Christmas has begun to hold joy and peace.  Many a year my Advent calendar was a little longer than the traditional one since mine began before Thanksgiving and extended into the first real week back to normal in January.  I was all about come, long expected routine and normalcy.  The days would be crossed through as it seemed to be a season to push through and then move on.   At Bible study the other morning, Roy said all the men were commenting on how the Hallmark Christmas ran 24/7 in their homes and they were getting a little tired of the movies.  Roy said, well, at least your wives aren't watching Mob Wives.  Think he shocked them just a bit and really, I don't watch it that much anymore.

One last thing, the minivans have gone back to treating me bad since removing the stick figure family on the back of Sequisha.  Yesterday, I made one last trip to Home Goods for the year.  The Christmas spirit is not to be found in parking lots with Targets and Home Good stores.  In the store, there was a lady who took up all the space on the aisles with her cart.  You know those aisles are not very wide anyway.  She seemed to be in every section of the store where I was and it was beginning to look a lot like she was on my nerves.  Funny, she wasn't in the check out line but she left the store the same time I did, with nothing!  NOTHING!  She'd created more congestion than the flu.  Unloading the stuff into the car, here she comes walking beside Sequisha, because she had gone to the wrong row looking for her car and moves my cart.  When she got in her minivan, you knew it was coming, she had been the one who had darted out in front of Sequisha and then cut us off, taking the parking place I had my blinker on to take.  Oooh, I am so glad I didn't know that in the store....bah ha ha ha.

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