Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Unintended Theme of Trees

We encountered our first little scare with our home in NC.  Our painter called last night to let us know someone had gotten into the house and left a goody bag on our fancy smancy card table.  He felt like someone had come into the house on Sunday.  Roy called him this morning to check up on the bag since Keith hadn't opened the bag yesterday.  It was nothing to be concerned with since there wasn't anything in the bag and we probably left it on the table on Friday morning but we thought the worse.  We are a little concerned with this organizer person and she has a key to the front door, just in case....She knew we left on Saturday but my response to her text about her bill was pretty short and to the point.  If she had done this we felt it was a breech of trust.  We knew we needed to pray and we did.  As Roy was leaving this morning he said, don't let the enemy have any victory to which I responded with a verse from a Ce Ce Winnans song..."Out my house!"  Not to Roy, of course, but responding to not letting the enemy have any victory.  We will have all the locks changed out after all the work is completed.

I think there is a nest being built in our backyard tree.  Or maybe the nest is already built and I'm just now noticing the activity.  Two small birds, probably wrens, do the wait, look around and then dash one at a time into the center of the tree where the branches are the fullest.  When we moved into our prairie home the area was in a severe drought.  With such a small yard we thought, it will be so easy to move a sprinkler around, we don't need sprinklers installed.  Ha!  It is to laugh.  It was harder than we thought and soon had them installed but one thing I did do is water that tree in the backyard.  Our builder showed me the stress lines in the trunk of the tree and told us to water the tree every other day if we wanted it to live.  So many an evening I sat out on the back patio with the hose and watered that tree.  The drought here is over but that tree is something special, at least to me.  It brings such joy to see that tree thriving and opening its limbs for the household of a couple of wrens and many days there are doves sitting under that tree, relaxing.  The tree closest to our fence on the green space a few weeks ago sported Baylor leaves of green and gold.  Upon returning home, we found the tree to be mostly bare, only a few brown leaves clinging to the limbs.

As is often the case, it is now Wednesday.  Laundry, homework and other things like that inhibited me to return to finishing up the post.  A fun evening though as I met Dena at Tony's for a quick dinner and then a look see at her Christmas tree, that Peggy and I helped her pick out, and her Christmas decorations throughout her house.  Very festive, very Christmas.  Tony's is the best Mexican food for cool and cold days.  Their cheese enchiladas are the best!

I didn't want to but I got two days behind on the 40 day Praying Circles devo but yesterday let me get caught up.  Each day's devo has been prayer and thought provoking.  It is one of those books that is changing the way to do things that I have been in practice of doing for so long.  Kind of like the Journaling book changed the way I journaled, even though I have kept a journal or as we called it back in the day, a diary since the fourth grade.  Which fourth grade is changing the train of thought to this; I read this week that the elementary school I went to will be torn down in the coming year and then rebuilt.  It makes me want to go over there and walk through the halls, escorted and registered by the front office for a tour.  The Houston Chronicle had an article about the first instance of a gifted and talented class.  You will note I wasn't in the class but I think I was a couple of years older.  Still, I would not have been in the class.  The picture of the mosaic of Cynthia Ann Parker in the pictures is something I've always remembered about Parker, that and how tall the trees are around the kick ball area of the playground when I drove by several years ago.  We were always tearing off leaves and bending branches.  I didn't think those trees had a lick of hope.

There seems to be a tree theme in this post, so with that I will leaf you for now knot knowing what the next blog post oak will be about.

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