Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mostly Christmas...Mostly Merry...

Merry Christmas!  What started as an overcast day turned into one glorious sun-filled, breezy Christmas day.  Another morning to sleep in and we did as much as Roy can sleep in.  6:45 am is late for him but I can usually make it till 8:00 am.  Since we were Christmas lunching at the Bistro on the Biltmore Estate, I had a light breakfast of yogurt and fruit.  On Thanksgiving Roy was able to get a housekeeper to clean our room while we ate but guess Christmas morning is a later type morning for housekeeping.  We both have good books we are into, so we read for most of the morning until we heard the familiar sound of a vacuum cleaner.  Booya!  Roy was out in the hall finding a housekeeper.  We took our books downstairs, ok our iPads and read in the lobby.

This morning I made a list for fun, you know when you're not staying at the Biltmore on Christmas.  You know you are not at the Biltmore at breakfast.  There most are dressed festively and finely for Christmas brunch.  Here at the Holiday Inn, families come to breakfast in their jammies.  Nothing says festive Christmas like kids constantly pulling their underwear out of their.......underneath their pajamas.  We were the only fully dressed in the breakfast area.  This has not happened on any other day, just today, Christmas day.  The fireplace is warm and inviting at the Inn at Biltmore.  The fireplace here at Holiday Inn is broken...  One little Christmas tree on a table here, big, huge real tree at the Inn at Biltmore.  Tonight at the Inn at Biltmore a candy bar with bags to put candy in and here at the Holiday Inn, I have a Snicker bar.  Lot's of differences but the main difference is here at the Holiday Inn we have a house in the mountains.  So sacrificing the ultimate Christmas stay is worth it

We drove around the estate before we checked in at the Bistro.  Lots of changes going on.  All the sheep were tucked away snuggly in the barn.  Only a couple of geese graced the lagoon but as usual everything is beautiful.  We had a delicious lunch, I went with the butternut squash soup, steak and the creme brûlée cheesecake with citrus zest.  Roy had gnocchi, salmon and a chocolate cake that was served in a hot chocky cup.  If you like chocolate, you would love that cake.

We walked through the winery and also went down to Antler Hill Village.  Roy got some ice cream as I enjoyed the cool breeze and sun.  Instead of going over to the farm we decided it would be nice to drive by the house right before sunset.  Tomorrow we have a lot of work ahead of us but today we walked through the house talking about this and that, so happy that it is ours.  On our way back we drove by the camels and we decided to make a second pass to see them again.  In that short period of time three camels left the larger bunch and came up close to the fence.  We jumped out and took some pictures.

Back at the hotel.  I think vampires are in the room next door.  They stay up all night and keep the do not disturb sign on their door all day.  Loud by night.  We saw that the housekeeper actually was able to get into the room and clean it today.  So maybe they checked out but I hear the faint rumblings of noise and loud talking.  Maybe they are zombies.

It is so fun to read through Facebook on Christmas Day.  Fun to see the pictures and wishes to friends and family.  There are always a few that are just strange and odd.  There are the Debbie Downer status updates, have fun, but in all you fun keep Christ in Christmas.  I think He is in it all.  Oops, no fun means Christ is here...what????  No!  Look at us being crazy updates, but really in fact, not one thing they are doing is that crazy.  It is what most people do.  The 'happy' Christmas pics where no one is always kind of fun to look at.  Give me chaos and mess.  Give me dinner or lunch pics.  Let's see fun...let's see smiles or joy.  Let's face it some people are just the hall monitors of Christmas and they are pretty much the hall monitors in their lives.  They are the hall monitors of Facebook.  At least they are consistent.

Well, Merry Christmas!

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