Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hotel Sweet Hotel

Monday...we are back to the hotel after being gone almost twelve hours.  It has been a long day but a productive day.  I love how we learn things that we need to know by just talking with people as we go about our days.  I love how much we appreciate the gift of our home each trip we make.

It was an exciting church service yesterday morning here.  The choir presented music for us to experience and worship the King of Kings.  It has been years since hearing a choir cantata, probably the last time was at Westbury Baptist when I was a kid.  This one was exceptional and the choir sounded great.  We grabbed a quick lunch at Turkey Creek Cafe and then headed home to meet the painter and his wife came along with him.  We had a nice visit with them.  Roy and I ran a couple of errands and went over to Vivian and Bills for coffee and cake.  Great time with them but it came time for us to leave because I haven't mastered these mountain roads in the dark.  The usual dark roads were somewhat lightened by Christmas lights on many of the homes.  The decorations and lights reminded me of the decorations of long ago.  It is not row after row of homes with the ubiquitous white lights around the roof line.  The lights here are multi colors and lots of nativities.  Well out in the country where we are there are many.

The morning came too early but at least we didn't need to be back out to the house until 9:00 am.  Jonathan and the stair rail man stopped by first.  It looked like the new tall toilets would not be installed today but it was a computer glitch and not lack of product so the plumbers came over a little bit later.  We also got the good news that the hardwood and carpet guys were finished up early with another job, so they would be able to begin the tear-out job of tile and carpet this afternoon.  Viktor called too and he would be at the house at 1:00 to take the measurements for the granite.  That gave Roy and I an hour to pick up lunch and get back. We went to KFC because burgers did not sound good to us.  Lunch was just finished when Viktor and Jonathan were at the back door.  We did make a change and punted on a farmhouse sink.  It was going to slow down the process.  Roy told me to go to Weaverville and get away from all the noise at the house.  I didn't leave right then but took a thermal throw out to the front porch and I sat there and took in the sights.   Let me tell you love is not dead in the country. The bull in the field across the road was quite frisky.  It all begins with extended time with his nose to the butt of the cow.   Then after a few false attempts the couple stroll to another part of the field, all the while all the cows and well me, watching for a successful landing.  So, I took my leave after a few minutes and hope all went well with those two.

I went to Sanctuary of Stuff.  It was a full house of locals shopping local.  I found a few things and then headed to downtown to walk about.  Antique stores around here are closed on Mondays but I was able to find a close parking place by a furniture store that we have always wanted to go through.  I came on back and waited with Roy as the floor guys finished up getting up all the tile.

Roy and I did some work outside digging a small hole for the address plaque we ordered.  Knowing that the ground is rocky and hard we worked quite hard. I could not help but think of all the novels I have read about planting and digging here in the mountains and here we were doing just that.  Only not digging to plant crops.

We ate at a Pizza Hut, which I haven't done that in years. We made a quick trip to the grocery store and returned to hotel sweet hotel.

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