Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sitting Quietly As I See Things Here With New Eyes

What a beautiful morning.  Buddy and I watched the sun come up.  Well, I think she had her eyes closed most of the time but she purred her little heart out while sitting in my lap.  I awoke much earlier than need by and just decided what the hay...why don't I get up and thus the morning began.

Christmas time is peppermint time and I don't rightly know why.  Don't get me wrong, love peppermint candy, coffee, and hot chocky during the season but the rest of the year..meh.  This morning's coffee flavor is peppermint.  The cream is Bailey's Irish Cream Caramel and the two together is not a bad combo.

Last night our friend and Realtor Courtney, came by with comps of similar houses around us out here in Rancho De Five.  We also did a walk through our home and I did let her know that the excessive lambs and books will be removed.  Also, everything on our church pew will be going up to NC.   Roy and I kind of differ on the timing of everything but reason won out...compromise was struck and we have a more defined plan.  But the major elements still are moving some of our furniture to NC, finding a condo closer to downtown for Roy that is big enough for when I am home in the winter, and selling our little house on the prairie.  Our home will be a nitch sell since it is not conducive for a large family but our lot being right off the green space and with a usable cul de sac for guest parking are strong selling points.

We also received pictures via our friends Vivian and Bill from our painter Keith.  Oh my, the house is looking wonderful!  I love the gray colored walls in Roy's man cave.  I'm also glad we stuck with yellow walls everywhere else.  It is so bright and cheery.  Keith thinks he will be finishing up this week which means the hardwood in the family room and kitchen can be installed and new carpet upstairs.  We went with a practical nylon Berber which will be long lasting and trail resistant.  Granted, it will look like office carpet but hopefully the accessories will downplay that aspect.  The bed risers and bed skirts came last week, so bed wise I think all that is good to go.  We will have the mattresses delivered while we are there.

After talking with Courtney last night I have looked through our home with new eyes.  So, I don't think I had paid any attention to how messed up the shelves are in the laundry room...now I can say were.  Also our little cubby/mud room area is a huge mess.  So that is what I am working on right now.  Really, until after the first of the year we really can't do anything but be in the ready position. I know that means a lot of things need to be cleared and stored away.  I love having all those signs in the laundry room but maybe a potential buyer won't feel that way.  Roy's study has a tendency to look like his office downtown, lots of stacked papers that he will need eventually but those stacks need to find a home for now.   I will say, I have found several things that we will need for our NC home and several things that we haven't used in a long time have found their way into the trash bag.  Really, if it hasn't been used in quite some time, it doesn't look likely for usage anytime soon.

So this day has been about starting projects, getting distracted and eventually finishing them.  Just like this blog post and if Buddy finds me sitting still for any length of time, she is in my lap not wanting me to move, but to just sit quietly.

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