Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Just a Wednesday Post

What a fun night of non Bunco, Bunco.  Peggy hosted the Christmas edition of Bunco last night where we eat dinner and have a gift exchange but no rolling of the dice.  Peggy made chicken spaghetti and it was delicious!  I thought I would make it home with the soft infinity scarf and Target gift card but the gift was stolen from me, so I stole the warm throw and scent filled candle from Peggy.  Everyone was going to go over to the five boy house afterwards, but I came on home because Roy goes to bed so early and has a difficult time sleeping until he knows I am home.  Besides, while at Peggy's we got an email from our contractor with timing and dates for work being done at the NC house.  I forwarded the email to Roy but he rarely checks his email at night, so I wanted to get home so we could talk about the plans before he fell asleep.

Our granite counter tops won't be installed while we are there but the tear-out of the old sink and counter tops will happen.  The template for cutting the stone will be done too.  But the tall toilets, stair rail, new steps from the garage into the kitchen and added step on the deck will be done.  Then this spring we will have the porch screened in and the terraced swing area in the front done.

This Christmas season feels like it is flying by and we didn't even decorate for the holidays.  I have been trying to be so mindful and present in the season because it is tempting to think beyond now and into the new year because there is a lot of exciting changes that will be taking place.  Several asked me last night if it is difficult to come back after being someplace that is so beautiful.  It will be harder once we have everything moved in and it looks like home.  I'm excited to attend a new church that has big church things but with a respect for the timeless benefits of smaller church.  Production values are minimal and graphics aren't advanced but who cares?  The congregation seems to care about one another and because the size of the church affords it, you can get to know the pastor...because he is really a pastor in the traditional sense and not a CEO pastor that big churches need for things to run smoothly.

Even with signing up for less catalogs, the amount of catalogs thrown away daily here is astronomical.  We are emptying our shredder about twice a week and we cram the shreds down so we don't have to do empty it more than that.  Companies I have never heard of, sending out their Christmas best.  There was one unexpected catalog and it was actually addressed to one of my sister in laws, that got my attention, Paper Source.  I am a sucker for anything like that but had the supreme will power to throw it away without a purchase.  Equally as frustrating is a magazine, Flow, printed in the Netherlands.  You can finally get a subscription here but they have other offers of neat stuff and we aren't able to buy any of these things yet.  Oh well...

With Chris coming in the morning, I am trying to get everything in order.  I have made great headway with a few more things to attend to.  


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