Thursday, December 4, 2014

But I Don't Want to Be Cranky McStanky

This morning I spent a little over two hours at the Orthopedic office for my one shot injection into both knees.  They were running a little behind and the staff assured me that this was an exception rather than the rule since they added a PA and a room dedicated to injections.  Only thing, a child was in the injection room because there was no room in the inn, I mean other waiting rooms, that needed attention. Good thing I had brought a really good book but I think this might have been a little test because this morning while praying, I happened to mention to God once again to help me live life joyfully and not turn into the cranky, grumpy, self absorbed older type person.  I don't want to become that oldie that never smiles and grunts out my unhappiness.  I will say an embarrassing thing did happen while nose whistle decides to show up out of no where.  What???  The people around me are trying to figure out where that noise is coming from.  So I did what any other normal person would do, start looking around trying to find the source of that noise so that they don't suspect it is me.  I did have to hold my breath.  This morning, I got the opportunity to live out what I am asking God to do in my life.

Waiting rooms are interesting.  They are filled with people that are as different or as alike as a group can be.  There are those in the boots with crutches, the ones with walkers and wheelchairs, family member who had to bring the person to the appointment, people with wrist and arm casts and then the cranky ones, but my favorite person today in the waiting room was an older lady with a new attendant/helper/driver and this lady was pulling some fast ones that were just plain funny.  They sat near me and the lady began explaining to the new person she's hired what the schedule will look like for the next few weeks and once all the official 'business' was taken care of the older lady asks her new employee if she would like to hear some stories about her family?  What's the girl going to say?  Not no.  Older lady begins telling the story of how she met her husband, their dating, courtship and marriage but ends the story of how her husband had died so early on in their marriage when he was driving too fast, ran a stop sign, hit a car (where no one was hurt) but hubby's car veers off, slams into a curb and the hard impact, ejects her husband and the seat he is seat belted in and he lands in a do nut shop and dies upon impact.  The girl is at a loss to say anything...I mean what do you say?  The older lady adds that she sued the car maker and the do-nut shop and the very money she got from the settlement is paying the new employee's salary.  Silence....  The older lady looks at the new girl with a sad, almost looking like she is going to cry face and then says no, that didn't happen, hubby died of a heart attack!  Most likely from the stories this lady told because a long string of stories, that might be called embellishing her life kept on coming and at the end she would say, no that didn't really happen, this is something she has done before.  When her name was called by the nurse to come on back the older lady said to new girl, now didn't that make the waiting pass by quicker?  I have to say, it made my time pass because I listened in and when she wasn't talking, I read my book.

I never finished my main thought but this surprises no one.  This morning, I got the opportunity to live out what I am asking God to do in my life.  The past few weeks my prayer is let me finish out strong, let life still be fruitful, and all this found in Psalm 92. I did tell you that in paragraph one. This morning I again was reminded that this is my prayer and there in that time of waiting the opportunity to chose joy or frustration stood right there my decision to make.  Funny, how while finishing up my homework for Bible study tonight, the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 came alive.  The disciples have just come back from being sent out two by two, seeing miracles and teaching...when they come to Jesus asking Him to send the people home because they are hungry Jesus tells them, you feed them...see how much bread you have to work with.  Now I didn't have to feed anyone but see how much bread you have says you look to start with what you have but it is God who multiplies and makes the miracle.  This is another opportunity after seeing great things being done in Jesus Name to see that real life comes back into play...and we must depend upon Him for everyday life just as we do when we feel we are out there doing BIG things for the Lord.

So far so good on the injections.  They put three weeks of gel into your knees all at one time and even give you a pain shot.  Good thing I have a high pain tolerance, it didn't even hurt at all even after the pain stuff wore off.  Hopefully, it won't take long for it all to settle in and do its job.  Got some stairs to be climbed in the coming weeks.

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